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Finding ways to verify the professional licenses and certifications of employees can be a difficult but important task for many organizations. Recent events have highlighted the importance of having licenses and certifications that are up-to-date and valid. To efficiently manage these licenses and certifications, primary source verification is seen as a reliable and effective tool.

Primary source verification is the process of validating the professional license, certification, or credential of an individual directly from the source that issued the certificate, such as a state regulatory board or licensing body. This method is vital for any organization to maintain compliance, protect consumers, and mitigate potential risks. By validating credentials from their primary sources, organizations can ensure that their employees’ licenses and certifications are current, active, and free of any sanctions or other disciplinary actions.

Using primary source verification provides organizations with complete visibility into their workforce compliance program. With an automated system in place, it becomes simpler to track and manage all license and certification information in one central platform. As regulatory changes can occur quickly, being able to keep up with the latest updates is crucial for staying ahead of compliance and licensing deadlines. Practicing good primary source verification processes brings numerous benefits, such as improved staff utilization, seamless workflows, and the ability to easily keep track of all employee qualifications in one system of record.

Certemy is a leader in license verification and primary source verification. Their comprehensive platform automatically verifies and tracks employee licenses and credentials in real-time, allowing organizations to know exactly what their staff is qualified to do and whether their licenses are active and appropriate. In addition to verifying credentials from the source, the system also provides automated workflows that are fully configurable to help streamline the entire application process.

Through the platform, organizations can quickly and easily access the necessary information and documentation needed to stay compliant with their industry?s licensing requirements. As all regulatory changes are tracked and detailed in the system, employers can rest assured that their staff is always operating in accordance with all applicable laws.

Primary source verification and automated licensing systems can be a great asset for any organization. They help ensure that all employees are adequately licensed and certified, helping to protect consumers and maintain the organizations compliance. By leveraging tools like Certemys to access, track, and manage the right information, organizations can have peace of mind that their workforce is properly qualified.

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