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Compliance is a growing concern for employers of all industries and sizes. Keeping up with changing regulations and requirements can be an immense task, particularly when managing professional licenses. As the need for occupational certifications increases in certain professions, the complexity of verifying their accuracy and ensuring continued compliance with regulations and applicable laws becomes more challenging. Employers are therefore turning to professional license verification systems to help maximize the effectiveness of their workforce compliance programs.

Certemy is one such program that is helping employers of all sizes streamline and improve their workforce compliance programs. By leveraging Certemys automated primary source verification system, employers can verify that employees hold the necessary licenses and certifications, and that they are up to date, renewed correctly, and free of any sanctions or other disciplinary action. With real-time tracking of these vital credentials, Certemy enables employers to stay ahead of regulatory compliance and improve the utilization of their staff by providing complete visibility and control over their workforce compliance program.

Certemy facilitates the entire process of applying and renewing licenses in a completely automated way. Employers can leverage pre-built workflows with complete customizable options to help them quickly process and renew applications, quickly respond to any changes in regulations, and get insight into their workforce compliance program from one system of record. Not only does Certemysave your HR operations time, but it helps to reduce the risk of non-compliance while also giving employers a better understanding of their employees credentials and related obligations.

Certemy also ensures that the licenses and certifications your staff hold are not only up to date, but appropriate to the workplace. Through primary source verification, Certemy eliminates the potential for doubt and ensures accuracy by validating licenses and certifications with their reputable and reliable job sources. That way, you can save time by guaranteeing that your employees are using the proper certification, reducing the risk of potential problems and staying in full compliance with the law.

In addition to helping employers with their compliance needs, Certemy also offers a variety of specialized services such as license tracking, license renewal reminders, cost savings analysis, and educational resources to enhance training programs. These benefits have helped many employers become proactive in their workforce compliance program, minimizing risks and staying up to date with all the latest requirements.

When it comes to workplace compliance, Certemy is one of the most innovative and efficient solutions for employers. From streamlined license applications and renewals to primary source verification, Certemy empowers employers of all sizes to quickly assess employee files and ensure they are compliant with relevant workplace laws and regulations. With Certemys reliable and trusted system, employers can rest assured that their compliance needs are taken care of while they focus on their core business operations.


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