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As the need for competent and qualified electricians in both the residential and commercial sectors steadily climbs, businesses are applying extra emphasis on professional license verification. Compliance officers and human resource operations leads in the US now more than ever are looking to ensure that their workforce verifiably possesses the legally required certifications. Having the right system in place to track and verify professional licenses can mean the difference between staying in business and out of trouble or being an example of inadequate compliance practice.

Managing Your Electrician Workforce With License Verification

Overseeing a team of electricians requires a robust system of record keeping and tracking. Keeping tabs on the legal credentials of your electricians should be a priority task of any effective compliance program. Having the ability to continuously monitor each electrician?s license for regular renewal cycles, sanctions and other disciplinary actions is an invaluable tool. It can maximize staff utilization and cost savings, while protecting business interests against liability.

Why Licensing Matters

By definition, an electrician is any licensed individual who works with wiring, equipment or power. They are responsible for your wellbeing and safety, as well as the safety of any structure or device under their supervision. Being properly licensed requires qualified workers to demonstrate a certain competency or lack of any significant violation of proper industry safety regulations. While having an electrician?s license doesn?t guarantee their proficiency, it is used as an indicator of the individual?s background, experience, and knowledge. By engaging a licensed electrician, you can confirm that the electrician meets the standards of quality, experience, background and practice prescribed by law.

When hiring an electrician, anyone in the US with a valid electrician?s Master Specialist certificate is allowed to work in all states without additional licences. Working with a Master Electrician demonstrates that the electrician posses advanced business management knowledge and a higher level of expertise combined with years of specific industry experience. Having a Master Electrician License within your business compliance framework increases predictability and accuracy when it comes to managing projects efficiently and on-time.

Verifying An Electrician?s Master Specialist Credentials

Verifying an electrician?s credentials is simple. Certemy is a leading license verification platform that works with an automated primary source verification system that confirms the active status, renewal cycle and sanctions of a license being held by their employees.

Comprehensive Real-time tracking and management of employee licenses and certifications are monitored via the system of record that moves faster and digests legal information from primary sources up to seven times faster than other compliance operations. This improved agility against regulation enables the business to stay ahead of any changes or updates that might occur to the legal framework of its employees, providing valuable insights and data.

Preset workflows provide an extra level of staff utilization within the business framework, streamlining license application processes from the day-one onboarding all the way through to renewal. This helps to prioritize specific tasks and allocate resources to the most important areas.


With so much of your business dependent on the outcomes of electrical works, keeping up with compliance should be an absolute priority. Having a solid system in place for professional license verification affects the bottom-line and reputation of your business by minimizing time and costs, while mitigating against risk and improving productivity across the organisation. Engaging a Master Electrician is the surest way to prioritize safety rules and regulations and in turn, your peace of mind.


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