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As regulatory and safety standards in the workplace become increasingly stringent, employers need a powerful way to ensure the credentials of their staff meet industry and legal requirements. Automated primary source verification (PSV) is an essential tool for achieving deep and lasting compliance at all organizational levels.

PSV is a comprehensive system of instituting checks and balances to guarantee the accuracy of an individual’s professional licensing and certifications. It involves connecting with the source granting the validation?such as a state or national registry?and confirming the veracity of the documents in question. This process often requires several levels of cross-checking to be sure that everything is in order and that there are no potential risks of continued non-compliance.

For organizations seeking to make sure that their territorial borders, standards, and regulations are not being breached, automated PSV can provide invaluable protection. Not only does it help confirm that all the necessary legal documents are up-to-date, but it can also streamline the process to reduce costly delays due to paperwork backlogs. It can even help prevent costly fines for business owners who are unaware of changing regulations and policies.

The power of automated PSV lies in its ability to increase the accuracy of the credentials check while also allowing for faster data retrieval. Even with manual processes, license and certification verifications can take several weeks to complete due to unique state regulations, delays in obtaining records, and an overhang of paperwork. Further, manual PSV processes become even more cumbersome when a company has numerous locations across the United States that require this type of authentication.

Employers who are looking to ensure that their staff is meeting compliance expectations should strongly consider adopting an automated PSV system. By automating many of the manual steps associated with verifying the legitimacy of credentials, employers can be certain that they are compliant with changing regulations while also reducing staffing time and costs.

Certemy, an industry leader in license verification, is a powerful tool for employers looking to reap the benefits of automated PSV. Its automated system can validate occupational licenses and certifications across an organization with complete visibility and control. It also provides real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials in a single system of record.

Moreover, a Certemy license tracking system allows for pre-built workflows that are highly configurable and can automate license application processes. This allows managers to quickly view the status of their employees? licenses without worrying about paperwork or manual verifications.

In addition, Certemy has built incredible trust in the U.S. employment space, and is commissioned by some of the biggest employers in the country to facilitate license and certification tracking. This trust in the product and service allows employers to rest assured that their automation decisions are backed by a market-leading platform.

In short, automating primary source verifications allows employers to significantly improve their compliance system, reduce associated costs, and make sure their staff is meeting the necessary requirements. As the scope of regulations and safety standards continue to evolve, an automated PSV solution will be essential for employers who want to protect their organization.


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