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In Todays increasingly complex regulatory landscape, employers must make sure that all employees with responsibility for regulated work comply with current local, state, and federal laws. To do so, the employer must have some way of verifying that each employee holds the Professional License or Certification required for the job they are performing. Electrician Master Specialist License Verification is a powerful tool to ensure that employees have the right credentials to do the work they are responsible for, while also making sure that the licensing requirements of the governing bodies are met.

Career paths and work functions continue to become more specialized, leading to more complex licensing requirements for some occupations. A Professional License or Certification not only attests to a person’s knowledge and skill, but also sets them apart from those who are not properly licensed or certified. While most employers are familiar with the concept of traditional hard copy licenses, a growing trend is towards digital versions of licenses, with more effective validation methods that are accessible from any device.

Certegy?s License Verification is a revolutionary system designed to automate the process of verifying a person’s Professional License or Certification. This system is powered by its automated primary source verification technology, with a comprehensive array of data sources linked to provide accurate, up-to-date information about each employees professional qualifications. The automated verification process eliminates manual checks, significantly reducing the time and effort it traditionally takes to verify a person’s licensure and certification.

Certegy?s Electrician Master Specialist License Verification makes it easy for employers to keep up to date with their local, state, and federal requirements. This system allows employers to set up a series of automated license tracking processes in order to stay ahead of regulatory change and remain in compliance. The system also monitors any changes to an employees license status and notifies the employer if any sanctions or disciplinary actions are taken against the individual.

This system is not only designed to ensure compliance but it also provides employers with unparalleled visibility and control over their workforce compliance program. Real-time tracking of employee licenses and certifications is enabled, allowing employers to quickly and easily gauge the skillset of their staff. It also reduces the wasted time and money associated with redundant and inaccurate manual records.

The primary source verification technology employed by Certegy?s License Verification is designed to increase team productivity and improve staff utilization. The pre-built automated license application and tracking workflows are designed to be easily configured, so employers can ensure that the workflows fit their specific needs. This system also provides employers with actionable insights into their compliance program, so they can make informed decisions and react quickly to any changes.

Professionals in the Electrician Master Specialist field understand the importance of accurately verifying an individual’s Licenses and Certifications. The automated Electrician Master Specialist License Verification system provided by Certegy eliminates much of the effort associated with manually tracking and verifying licenses, allowing employers to minimize their risks and maximize their compliance.


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