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For organizations of all sizes, workforce compliance is essential for staying compliant with laws and industry regulations. Human resources departments often find themselves overwhelmed with manual processes to ensure the accuracy and validity of employee licenses and certifications. Automated professional license verification tools provide the greatest protection against fines and penalties for non-compliance, while providing greater visibility and control for organizations’ compliance programs.

License verification is a complete primary source verification system that validates holders’ professional and occupational certifications, credentials, and licenses, demonstrating that they are active and updated, as well as free of any disciplinary action. By utilizing automation, verifying professional licenses is not only faster, it is also safer and more reliable. Additionally, manual tracking of employee licenses and credentials is cumbersome and time-consuming, and errors can be made that could lead to costly consequences.

The benefits of leveraging an automated license verification system include improved efficiencies in the management of employee licenses, and a greater understanding of workforce compliance progress. It eliminates the risk of costly non-compliance and maximizes legal and fiscal protection for organizations. The system also provides organizations with better visibility into their workforce compliance program, ensuring they remain compliant with all relevant laws and regulations.

Certemy provides an automated primary source verification system to validate professional and occupational licenses and certificates, enabling organizations to track employee license credentials in real-time. By leveraging pre-built workflows and automated license application processes, organizations can ensure accuracy and save time. All processes are customizable to meet the specific needs of any organization.

Organizations can also obtain real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials, provide extensive visibility into their compliance program, and use searchable databases to quickly and easily locate and verify specific certifications, credentials, and licenses. Additionally, Certemys system offers numerous other features, such as an integrated suite of annotation tools, AI-based semantic search and machine-learning intelligence, and the ability to compare multiple data sources to ensure accuracy.

The Certemysystem also allows organizations to stay ahead of regulatory compliance and allows them to easily identify any expired licenses and trainings that need to be updated or renewed. This system also helps in identifying shortages and deficiencies in the population, further increasing compliance with on-going regulations. The system ensures stability of the compliance process, increases the organizations overall productivity, and reduces operational costs.

Certemy is a trusted partner of some of the largest US employers, becoming a leader in License Verification with its automated primary source verification system. Organizations that use Certemys system can ensure the accuracy of their workforce compliance program and improve their team productivity and visibility. Automated license verification by Certemy ensures compliance with regulatory requirements and reduces the risk of fines and other disciplinary actions.


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