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Healthcare Compliance is essential to the functioning of any medical institution. Ensuring that your clinicians have the necessary licensure and credentials to practice in their fields can help reduce risk and assure patients of a high-level of care. Certemy has developed a professional license Verification system that automates primary source verification for occupational credentials. With Certemy, employers can have greater control and transparency of their workforce compliance program and build trust with their patients.

The need to validate healthcare credentials and licenses has increased due to the rising number of medical malpractice cases involving unlicensed or improperly credentialed clinicians. Employers must ensure that the credentials they possess are valid and that their professional licenses have been appropriately renewed. With Certemys automated license verification system, organizations can save time while mitigating risk with active license tracking and primary source verification.

Certemys license verification system enables real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials in one unified system of record. Pre-built workflows that are completely customizable offer organizations the ability to automate their application processes and stay ahead of regulatory compliance standards. Employers are able to get a complete view of their workforce compliance program with thorough status updates and greater visibility across the entire organization.

When selecting a license verification system, employers should consider the ease of use, accuracy of the results, and customer support options available to them. Employers should also look for a system that offers audit trails of status updates and primary source verifications that allow you to easily review licensure history. Certemy has proven to be the trusted choice for large organizations across the United States due to its comprehensive verification process and its secure, cloud-based technology.

Certemy has earned its success by not only providing clients with automated license tracking, but also providing customers with a secure system that safeguards sensitive employee data. This cloud-based system stores application information securely so employers can have confidence in their data integrity. By using Certemys comprehensive licensing and credentials verification process, organizations can gain the trust of their customers and staff by understanding the current status of their employees’ licensure and credentials.

Nowadays, employers need to actively monitor their workforce compliance program to reduce legal and financial risks. Certemys automated license verification system can help employers protect patient safety and mitigate potential risks. It also gives employers greater visibility and control of their compliance program, enabling them to confirm that the credentials of their medical staff are up to date and that professional licenses are not subject to disciplinary action.


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