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The rules of Todays employment landscape are ever-changing and compliance is essential in order to stay ahead and keep pace with the laws and regulations which govern hiring practices. Additionally, the complexity of federal, state and local regulations which apply to varying aspects of employee management create a need for HR departments to stay on top of the unique requirements which can apply to their employees. Compliance is especially critical when it comes to occupational licenses and certifications, as these can help protect the organization from liability and empower employees to work within the bounds of the law. The utilization of license verification tools and services can assist HR operations in this effort, as they can help reduce anxiety and ensure all conditions are met for employees to work in their designated role.

A certified professional license verifier helps HR departments monitor employee compliance quickly and accurately. These verifiers use state-of-the-art primary source verification techniques that tap into official government registries and help ensure that the employee has a valid license or certification that is current and active, with no disciplinary or other derogatory action taken against them. This verification helps protect an organization from any compliance-related penalties that could otherwise arise from a misstep in the employee onboarding process. Additionally, the efficiency of a license verification service can save immense amounts of time compared to manual processes; valuable resources which can then be used for other activities that help move the organization forward.

In addition to the compliance and resource benefits, license verification services can also help optimize staff utilization. Having up-to-date records on the certifications and licenses of employees can make it easier for HR operations to place staff in the best-suited roles for these certifications or licenses. This can improve overall productivity and ensure that the organization gets the most value out of its employees as they pursue their daily roles and objectives. The automatation of the license verification process can also make it easier to track and trace any changes or updates which employees might need relating to their status or license validity.

In short, a license verification service can help HR operations keep track of all the licenses and certifications their employees hold. This helps ensure that the organization remains compliant with applicable regulations while also making sure that everyone is properly equipped to meet the demands of their chosen occupation. Certemys license verification platform is a leading choice for primary source verification and license tracking, providing valuable insight and visibility into an organizations compliance program. Offering automated tracking, clear views across the organization, pre-built workflows and other features, Certemys license verification service is a great choice to maximize workforce compliance.


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