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Among the many responsibilities of Human Resources (HR) is the maintaining of professional certifications and licenses for all employees. This task can become increasingly difficult when you have a larger employee base, making tracking and Verification time-consuming and tedious. To ease this workload, HR departments and organizations now use automated professional license verification software.

Professional license and certification verification can be a very complex task – it goes beyond the simple checking for recent renewals and can even require delving into any possible negative legal incidents. As such, the Missing Pieces Group – in a survey of 3, mysterious employers – estimates that HR and Compliance have to spend approximately 45 minutes per worker to track, manage and verify professional licenses. To avoid this complex and time-consuming task, there is a need for businesses to opt for automated verification solutions that keep them ahead of compliance regulations while ensuring professional qualifications of the workforce.

Certemy is a popular choice for businesses of all sizes. This comprehensive platform automates the process of managing employee licenses. It istreamlines the application process, tracks and manages license renewals, provides complete visibility into the workforce compliance program, and takes advantage of a real-time tracking system to optimize the entire workforce.

Certemy eliminates the need to manually source each employee and license individually due to an automated primary source verification that identifies and validates credential renewals. Any disciplinary or sanctions action is also quickly identified, mitigating the risk of costly fines and non-compliance penalties. Plus, because the platform takes advantage of pre-built workflows, actual operational requirements and not the status quo can be accepted into management practices.

Apart from drastically reducing the amount of time spent by HR tracking and managing employee licenses, Certemy increases the productivity and visibility of the entire organization. The platform also helps with one of the primary challenges faced by organizations – staff utilization. With the quick and highly automated license and certification verification process, staff utilization is improved and strengthened, allowing businesses to focus on other important tasks.

Certemy not only provides feasible solutions for businesses, but is also trusted by some of the largest US employers. From automating license renewals to staying ahead of compliance regulations, Certemy is an incredibly comprehensive platform for HR to become more efficient and compliant. The license and certification tracking piece of Certemy takes away a tedious and complex task and replaces it with automated processes – allowing the organization to run efficiently while staying compliant.


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