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As a school district continues to nurture the development of its students, the health and safety of students and staff should be of utmost priority. With the continued expansion and renovation of K-12 school facilities, the need for Health Services staff has grown immensely. The National Board for Certification of School Nurses (NBCSN) has reported that 179,525 students qualify as having a School Nurse assigned to them in 2019.

To support the large influx of school nurse candidates and credentialing bodies, an efficient system of compliance and licensing is required. Primary source Verification (PSV) is a licensed solution to this challenge. PSV is the basic process for ensuring that a professional holds an active and valid state license. According to The Joint Commission, it is an approved primary source verification that is used to meet the accreditation standards of the governing licensing government boards.

The tightening of health care regulations has put extra emphasis on accuracy and verification as schools must make sure that they are issuing professional credentials and staff clearances to those that are legally qualified to practice healthcare. PSV provides employers with visibility into the license verification process while mitigating risk. PSV is the most accurate way to verify a professional?s credentials and it is the only form of license verification that is accepted by The Joint Commission.

Certemys automation of the PSV process helps HR compliance teams save time and money. The automated system allows employers to set up notifications that alert them when a professional license is up for renewal, expired or has changed status. Automation of the renewal and notification process eliminates paperwork and manual entry. It also helps the employer ensure that all staff?s licenses are always valid and up to date. Automation also decreases turnaround time as It istreamlines renewal and checks for expiration reminders.

Certemys automated License Verification also allows employers to verify, store, and track licenses and credentials more efficiently. By offering complete visibility and control, employers can easy access current and past credentials, greatly simplifying staff utilization. By leveraging pre-built workflows, license application processes can be easily configured and automated ensuring that all necessary regulatory approvals are completed before a license is issued. Automation for license tracking also help employers increase team productivity and visibility across the entire organization.

The implementation of a reliable system of license tracking and primary source verification is an essential element for keeping National School Nurses compliant. Certemys automated system helps employers save valuable time and money while creating an efficient and organized system for license verification. Not only does Certemy provide an automated solution to license verification, they offer real-time tracking of employee credentials, pre-built workflow structures and complete visibility and control of all workforce compliance programs.


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