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Maintaining compliance with the licensing requirements of a variety of professional certifications is a critical factor in professional practice. Certification must be monitored periodically to ensure ongoing validity and eligibility. In the professional health care and related industries, a professional license verification system is necessary for demonstrating adherence to compliance regulations and verifying licensure of practitioners and dually certified personnel.

Certemy is a cutting-edge license verification system that streamlines the process of assessing and analyzing employee certification information and validating the proper licensure of personnel. With an automated primary source verification system, Certemy accurately and swiftly validates occupational licenses and certifications. This solution provides detailed visibility and control of the workforce compliance program, assists employers in meeting their regulatory requirements, and helps them to mitigate risk associated with compliance.

From pre-built and fully customizable workflows to real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials in one easy-to-use system, employers can expect improved team productivity and visibility across the entire organization. We take a closer look at the tools and features that Certemy provides to help professionals navigate the complexities of licensing compliance.

Primary Source Verification of Professional Licenses and Certifications

The core functionality of Certemys system lies in its automated primary source verification (PSV) system. This system handles the estimation and analysis of employee certification information to provide detailed visibility and control of the workforce compliance program. The PSV system reconfirms that the credentials of personnel are correctly up-to-date, renewed, and free of any sanctions or disciplinary actions.

Certemy is widely trusted by some of the largest employers in the United States to save time, reduce operational costs, and maximize staff utilization. Employers can depend on Certemys accurate license verification process to retain good standing with their regional boards and protect their vital reputations.

Automated Workflows to Speed Up Compliance Applications

Certemy features pre-built and fully customizable workflows that automate the entire license application process. This simplifies the process of obtaining, renewing, managing, and verifying professional licenses and certifications. Automating typically manual processes creates more time for personnel to focus on other important business objectives.

Additionally, the Certemy license workflow system includes reporting features and visual dashboards that help to make complex license data more easily digestible. This provides an efficient way of seeing how personnel credentialing is progressing, saving employers valuable time and energy.

Tenant-Based User Interface to Streamline Compliance Management

Certemy is designed with a tenant-based user interface that is intended to streamline compliance management and license renewal processes. Operating in the cloud, Certemy runs reliably and securely on any device, system, browser, or platform. Embedded with advanced security protocols, the system is trusted by more than 20,000 employers and businesses.

Certemy is truly an all-in-one feature-rich platform that enables comprehensive management of compliance programs. Employers can manage their license renewals quickly and securely, obtain the latest updates on important topics such as policy changes and new credentials, and add customized verbiage to confirm renewal processes. Certemy permits complete oversight of the entire compliance process, allowing employers to feel secure and confident that their personnel are compliant.

Last reflections

Maintaining valid and compliant professional licenses and certifications is a critical factor in professional practice. With an automated primary source verification system, Certemy is the go-to solution for high-stakes organizations looking to mitigate risk and stay ahead of required regulatory requirements. Featuring automated workflows, advanced reporting services, and a tenant-based user interface, Certemy is a feature-rich platform that is trusted by some of the largest employers in the United States for its efficiency and efficacy.


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