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Every organization relies on their staff and team members to operate in compliance with the applicable regulations and laws. For many industries, such as healthcare, the importance of employee license verification cannot be overstated. Organizations need to be able to quickly and accurately verify their workforce?s competency, proficiency, and status in order to ensure their ongoing compliance and quality of care.

It is for this reason that Certemy has become a leader in professional license verification. Utilizing an automated primary source verification system, Certemy validates occupational licenses and certifications quickly and thoroughly, ensuring that no sanctions or other disciplinary actions exist and that the licenses are up-to-date and in good standing.

Stay Ahead of Regulatory Compliance with Automated License Tracking

The potential consequences for employing unlicensed and/or unqualified individuals can be immense, so organizations need to be able to guarantee every hire is certified appropriately. Certemy helps organizations stay ahead of regulatory compliance through automated license tracking and primary source verification. By using the Certemysystem, employers have real-time insight into the license status, expiration dates, and any other important information related to their employees? credentialing.

Improve Staff Utilization and Team Productivity

Certemy not only helps employers remain in compliance with the relevant laws and regulations, but also provides benefits like increased staff utilization and improved team productivity. Pre-built workflows within the Certemysystem are configurable for each organization, allowing them to automate their license application processes swiftly and accurately. Not only does this help employers keep their hires organized, but it allows them to more efficiently and effectively process applications and work with new hires.

Trusted by the Largest U.S. Employers

The efforts of Certemys professional license verification system have received recognition by many of the largest U.S. employers. These companies have trusted their workforce?s compliance program to the Certemysystem, harnessing the power of its primary source verification system to save time, mitigate risk, and improve staff utilization across their organization.


Certemys automated and expanded license verification system not only helps employers maintain compliance with the applicable regulations and laws, but it also provides numerous benefits, such as improved staff utilization and increased team productivity. Recognized by some of the largest U.S. employers, Certemy has become the leader in license verification, providing peace of mind that every aspect of a business is being properly and ethically maintained.


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