Certemy Releases COVID Vaccine Tracking Software for Company Compliance with the OSHA COVID-19 Employer Mandate

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Certemy’s Workforce Compliance software makes it quick and easy for employers to track vaccination, testing, and exemption status across their workforce.

LOS ANGELES, CA—December 22, 2021—Certemy, a leading provider of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions for workforce compliance and employee credentialing, today announced the immediate availability of an affordable and easy-to-use software solution for employers who wish to comply with the pending OSHA COVID Mandate.

“Keeping employees safe and healthy is of paramount concern for employers nationwide,” said Shawn Cantor, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Certemy. “We’re pleased to offer a simple and affordable solution for companies who wish to get a jump start on the OSHA mandate — or want to take additional steps to keep their workforce healthy.”

Certemy OSHA COVID Mandate Solution — Benefits

  • Ensure compliance with the OSHA COVID mandate.
  • Track employee vaccination and testing status in real-time.
  • Maintain employee compliance histories for internal and external audits.

Certemy OSHA COVID Mandate Solution — How it Works

Certemy’s solution automates OSHA COVID mandate compliance in four easy steps:

  • Step 1: Survey — Requires employees and contractors to submit their current COVID status: Vaccinated; In testing; or Exempt. Employees that select Testing must provide a new negative test result weekly.
  • Step 2: Document — Allows employees to upload evidence documents to support their COVID status, including proof of vaccination or proof of a negative test result.
  • Step 3: Review — Enables company staff to review and approve submitted evidence documents. Rejected documents automatically prompt employees to submit revised documentation.
  • Step 4: Report — Lets company managers report OSHA COVID Mandate compliance across their organization.

Certemy OSHA COVID Mandate Solution — Features

  • Automatic reminders for employees and contractors to upload vaccination cards, test results, and exemptions.
  • Secure storage for uploaded vaccination cards, test results, and exemptions.
  • Dashboard for managers to verify uploaded vaccination cards and test results.
  • Dashboard for managers to track mandate compliance across employees and offices.
  • Manage medical and religious exemptions.
  • Easy to change as mandate requirements evolve.
  • Easy to integrate with other systems.

Why Certemy?

  • Just a few dollars per employee per month with discounts available for larger workforces.
  • Deploy in 30 days or less.
  • Easy to customize and change without programming.
  • Easy to integrate with other systems.

Learn more or book a demo at certemy.com/l/employee-vaccine-tracker.

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With over 100 North American customers, Certemy is a leading provider of cloud-based employee compliance and credentialing management software for employers and professional credentialing organizations. Learn more about Certemy at certemy.com.

About Certemy

Certemy is a leading provider of affordable, easy-to-use certification management software for professional certification boards. Our platform streamlines and automates certification workflows to help certification boards become more efficient, transparent, and agile while reducing IT costs and administrative burdens.

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