License Verification Tool | Occupational Health Nursing Case Management

The health and safety of every employee is paramount to any organizations success. When it comes to occupational health and safety, the role of occupational health nurse case managers is essential for maintaining and improving the health of each employee. Additionally, licensed professionals in the health and safety field must have their credentials regularly verified to ensure they are in accordance with state and federal regulations. This is where Certemys automated primary source verification system comes into play.

Certemys leading license verification system offers enterprises a host of invaluable services. Automated primary source verification of clerical and professional licenses and certifications allows for controlling and managing a workforce compliance program. This mode of control provides enterprises with valuable information regarding employment details, credentials and other pertinent records in real time.

Certemys automated primary source verification creates a unified system to store and organize licenses and credentials within a single system of record. The cloud-based tracking process helps organizations stay ahead of regulatory compliance with improved efficiencies in hire processes, risk management, staff utilization, and market expansion.

On an individual and employee level, a well-documented license verification program improves staff productivity, job satisfaction, and employeesafety. With more accurate information and records, it is easier for medical professionals to make better informed and faster decisions.

Certemys automated primary source verification helps enterprises maintain compliance standards across all professional license types. Moreover, the tracking process is customized to align with the enterprise’s relation. Enterprises have the option to configure the process to match the organizations level of compliance in order to keep up with state or federal regulations. Enterprises and workers alike benefit greatly from the customizability of the process.

Organizations can improve their personnel hire and onboarding processes with Certemys automated primary source verification system. Pre-built workflows ensure organizations are leveraging up-to-date technology for license application processes, enabling faster and more efficient turnarounds.

Employers can leverage Certemys automation capabilities to actively report and track employee license renewal activities in order to reduce tedious, manual processes and prevent enforcement proceedings. Additionally, employers can now keep better tabs on the status of their employees? licenses in order to reduce the risk of noncompliance and the potential for associated penalties.

In order to maximize employee utilization and reduce liabilities, enterprises must stay ahead of any regulatory changes. This can be easily done with Certemys automated primary source verification. Staying up to date with any personnel changes or license verifications is more efficient, accessible, and transparent with the use of digital platforms.

Organizations rely heavily on licensed professional to sustain their operations. Appropriate verification of applicant credentials through primary source verification ensures that employers are compliant with the required standards set by state and federal regulations. Through automating the primary source verification process, Certemy is the ideal option for improved organizational control and long-term efficiency.


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