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The process of obtaining and maintaining professional licenses is an integral part of the human resources operations of any organization. From pharmacists to school teachers, nurses, doctors, veterinarians, and many other professions, having the appropriate credentials is essential for providing the highest level of quality-care and service. Employers are also held to a high standard of responsibility to ensure that their staff members are compliant and have up-to-date professional licenses, as any discrepancies could lead to costly fines or even civil liability for organizations.

Luckily, automated license Verification systems like Certemy can help Human Resources (HR) departments improve their workforce?s license Compliance quickly and efficiently. Certemy offers a comprehensive primary source license verification that identifies and tracks any changes in the credentials of employees, providing instant visibility into such changes. The system is widely used by some of the largest companies in the United States as part of their staff utilization and risk mitigation programs.

In this article, we will discuss the many benefits of integrating automated professional license verification systems like Certemy into your HR operations strategy. We will also explore the different ways Certemy can be used to enhance your employee license compliance and to reduce the administrative burden of managing accurate employee credentials.

What is Professional License Verification?

Professional license verification is the process of confirming that an employee has the appropriate credentials to practice their profession. The process can include checking the validity of an employees license, certifications, and qualifications or any other restrictions or limitations that may be applicable to the employees practice.

Professional license verification can also be used to identify issues with an employees credentials before they are hired. This can help employers to identify any potential risks and take action to minimize potential losses related to the hiring or continued employment of under-qualified staff. It can also help organizations to validate that prospective employees have the appropriate credentials to match job descriptions and requirements.

Why is Professional License Verification Important?

Professional license verification is essential for organizations to maintain compliance with industry regulations. Having the appropriate credentials is also necessary for organizations to obtain and maintain accreditation, certifications, and other professional titles.

Professional license verification can also help employers to improve their staff utilization by ensuring that each employee has the appropriate credentials for their roles. This can help organizations to reduce the amount of time and money spent on retraining and double-checking credentials, which can improve staff productivity.

How Can an Automated License Verification System Help?

An automated system for license verification can streamline the process of credentialing and document management for HR departments. Certemys license verification system offers organizations a number of key benefits, including:

Real-time credential tracking: Certemys automated license verification system offers real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials in one system of record. This allows organizations to quickly identify any changes or discrepancies in an employees credentials and to take appropriate action.

Pre-built workflows and configurable processes:Certemys system offers a range of pre-built workflows for tracking and managing licenses and certifications, as well as configurable processes that can be customized for any organizations unique requirements.

Risk mitigation and improved utilization: Automating the process of license verification helps to reduce potential risks and also improves staff utilization, as they are more likely to have the appropriate credentials for their roles.

Increased visibility and control: Certemys system provides HR departments with increased visibility into employee credentials, allowing them to stay ahead of regulatory compliance while also having control of their entire workforce compliance program.


Professional license verification is a crucial part of any organizations operations, as having the appropriate credentials for each staff member is essential to maintaining compliance and for obtaining the desired accreditation, certifications, or titles. Automated license verification systems like Certemy can help to streamline the process of managing employee credentials, offering organizations real-time tracking, pre-built workflows, risk mitigation, improved utilization, and increased visibility and control.


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