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In an era of heightened scrutiny, organizations must stay on top of regulatory challenges to ensure compliance. Professional credentials?including licenses, certifications, and accreditations?must be verified and monitored regularly. Certemy, an automated primary source verification system, offers overviews of licensed professionals, verifying their credentials and checking for sanctions or disciplinary actions. This comprehensive system helps organizations manage their regulatory compliance programs and optimize staff utilization.

Professional licensing in the United States carries many challenges and risks. Depending on the type of credentials required, verification is a manual process. In addition, credentials may need to be monitored on a regular basis for renewals, sanctions, or disciplinary actions. This arduous process not only requires significant resources, but also introduces risks if any oversight occurs. Understanding the unique challenges posed by managing these credentials, Certemy has created a meticulous system to accurately verify credentials, automate processes, and improve team productivity and utilization.

Certemy provides a complete solution for primary source verification of professional licenses and certifications. Through their source verification system, organizations can easily maintain accurate visibility and control over their compliance program. The system provides real-time tracking of employee licenses, credentialing systems, and certifications, all in one system of record. Automated process management ensures that credentials are correctly applied and tracked for renewal. Employers who use Certemys platform also benefit from pre-built workflows that are fully configurable and can be tailored to the organizations needs.

Certemy is a leader in professional license verification and has become the go-to solution for some of the biggest employers in the United States. Powered by innovative technology, the platform reduces risk, saves time, and mitigates any potential errors from manual processes. Their source verification system also includes an anti-fraud alert system to ensure individuals are correctly vetted and real-time notifications inform employers of any changes or expirations in credentials. With Certemy, organizations can gain total peace of mind and confidence that their compliance program is being managed accurately and efficiently.

Certemys tool streamlines the process for verifying professional licenses, certifications, and accreditations, allowing organizations to accurately and timely obtain the credentials that their staff members need to do their jobs effectively. It eliminates the need for manual processes and minimizes the potential for error, allowing employers to focus on their core operations and optimize compliance.


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