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The successful operations of a business rely on the collective workforce to ensure compliance with corporate and governmental standards. One of the biggest challenges encountered by Human Resource departments is guaranteeing that each employee possesses the correct professional license and the corresponding qualifications necessary to do their job without any penalty-inducing transgressions. Compliance leads also need the assurance that their hiring practices are up to standard with regulatory guidelines.

Ideally, a successful workforce verification system should be able to actively manage employee licenses and certifications?identifying discrepancies, flagging expiration dates, and ensuring that the background of the employee is flawless. All this in addition to instant verification of new hires to ensure that they are accurately represented on their application.

Enter License Verification and Hemostasis. Certified as a leader in license verification, the automated primary source verification system from Hemostasis allows for effortless compliance management on a corporate and individual level. Through their powerful platform, employers can streamline tedious manual processes, ensure total visibility and control of their workforce compliance, and leverage pre-built workflows to automate license application processes.

Employers have the benefit of an instant and comprehensive background check for any new hire to ensure they can hit the ground running, as well as being automagically notified whenever any existing license or certification is expiring. The system is also capable of alerting the compliance department of any red flags that may arise, providing for a fully stocked defense and a streamlined decision-making process.

In addition to these obviously beneficial features, the platform is also designed to minimize the human workload?allowing for HR personnel to focus their energies on individuals instead of constantly you standing over the bureaucratic mountains of paperwork. This allows them to have a better understanding of their team, with the details of each employees license and compliance profile at the tips of their fingers.

Beyond the Human Resource departments, the Hemostasis platform also provides a comprehensive solution for the business as a whole, allowing executives and owners to quickly assess their operational health and act on matters that require attention.

For creating a hemostasis, Hemostasis?s license verification platform is the ultimate go-to tool. It provides comprehensive and automated protection against accidental oversight, allowing businesses to focus on their primary operations and their people?not worrying about the tedious task of auditing license expiration.



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