License Verification Tool | Certified Correctional Health Professional-RN

Gone are the days of manual background checks for certifications. A primary source Verification system is needed to qualifications and active status of the applicants having a particular license. Certified Correctional Health Professionals (RN) are required to demonstrate proficiency, knowledge, and skill in providing correctional health services. This requires an individual to possess a license in nursing. Organizations must therefore track these credentials with accuracy in order to comply with rules and regulations.

Certemy, a license verification company, provides a comprehensive platform to manage and track an individual?s licenses. It is an automated primary source system that improves team productivity and ensures that licenses are compliant with regulatory requirements. With Certemy, organizations can validate occupational licenses and certifications, stay ahead of Compliance, and save time.

Organizations can leverage the power of the Certemy platform to improve the accuracy of their background check process. With Certemy, organizations can get real-time verification of licenses and certifications. Plus they can get verifications for compliance, disciplinary actions, and other sanctions in one place. It is also important to note that Certemy applications are pre-built, configurable, and simple to use. And when vital information is needed, Certemy is always there to answer questions.

Certemyservices ensures that organizations are kept apprised of changes regarding their RNs? licensing status with automatic renewal reminder emails and notifications. The organization will then be notified when the license is due for renewal. This helps prevent errors and compliance issues, and allows the organization to have more control over who they hire.

Organizations should not pass up on the opportunity to use the Certemy platform for professional license verification. It is an automated system that promotes efficiency while ensuring accuracy. Certemy provides the necessary compliance, deep analytics and reporting features to make processing licenses easier. Plus, it will save time and labor costs, and reduce overhead associated with manual, time consuming background checks.


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