License Verification Tool | High-Risk Perinatal Nursing

High-risk perinatal nursing requires special licensing and certification due to the nature of diagnosis and treatment of patients. Hospitals and healthcare organizations must verify that their staff are properly licensed and in good standing. Certemy is an innovative platform used to automate license and credential verification and stay ahead of mandatory and regulatory compliance. Through an automated primary source verification system, Certemys solution is specifically designed for saving time and resources in one system of record.

Certemys license verification system allows organizations to gain greater visibility and control of their personnel?s credentialing process. From the convenience of one centralized platform, enterprise-grade compliance tracking is available, and secure databases are organized into simple, pre-built workflows. Plus, all verification requests and results are synchronized in the same system, allowing businesses to easily stay compliant with industry standards and practices. With an increasing need for highly qualified staff in higher risk practices, Certemy is the perfect solution to ensure professional license compliance and provide legal peace of mind.

Data security is of utmost importance to Certemy. All protected health information (PHI) is secured and audited within the system. Additionally, each employees license and certification data is maintained in compliance with industry standards, and an automated web form provides a paper trail for credentials verifications. This evidence of compliance is essential for liability under the HHS rules and other regulatory requirements.

Within the healthcare industry, it is essential that organizations are aware of all necessary compliance regulations. Certemy has been purpose-built with features to help organizations comply with an increasingly complex regulation environment. From onboarding to yearly renewals, Certemy does the heavy lifting and makes compliance and license management much easier. Through Certemy, organizations can easily manage their licenses, get notifications for when those licenses need to be renewed, and use it as evidence in the case of a compliance audit.

Certemy understands that employee license and credentialing management can be a daunting process, especially when dealing with high-risk perinatal nursing. That?s why Certemy provides an innovative and automated platform to automatically track and manage licenses and certifications, while also providing complete visibility and control of an organizations workforce compliance program. Whether It is licensing for perinatal nurses or for any other healthcare staff, Certemy is the ideal credentialing solution.


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