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An effective staff utilization program involves staying ahead of license tracking and primary source Verification of employee credentials in one system of record for adequate visibility and Compliance. Automated license tracking and primary source verification is a powerful tool to help achieve this, and it frequently remains overlooked despite the numerous benefits it can offer.

The concept of primary source verification involves the automated verification of an employees qualifications, certifications and regulatory requirements with their issuing organization, such as an educational institution, for the accuracy and authenticity of the qualifications or certifications. It is the essential process that organizations often use to remain compliant with relevant regulatory requirements.

Certemy is a leader in offering a state-of-the-art License Verification system, with an automated tracking system that validates occupational licenses and certifications. All data collected is then stored in a robust system of record, giving organizations complete visibility and control of their workforce compliance program.

How does primary source verification work? It is a process of organizations verifying or ?vetting? applicant credentials and qualifications from the issuing institution, either in an automated or manual format. It requires organizations to request detailed information from individual?s regulating entity in order to verify its validity. For instance, an applicant?s college degree must be verified by the accredited awarding institution it was received from.

Certemys automated source verification helps organizations save time and money in their employee utilization program. It reduces the manual process of requesting individual verification and confirmation letters, which can be cumbersome and resource-intensive, by creating a system of automated reminders and tracking.

Once organizations upload and store the employees records and credentials, the system will automatically verify the credentials by connecting with each issuing institution with which the applicants are associated. It also creates automated milestones in the form of scheduled license applications, renewal reminders, and timely notifications of expirations.

The automated source verification process combined with Certemys reputation for reliability and trust makes it an ideal choice for compliance leads researching a professional license verification tool. It ensures that regulatory requirements remain updated and fully complies with regulations from a unified platform. Besides saving time and mitigating risks, it offers improved staff utilization at both lower costs and higher confidence.


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