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When onboarding new employees in the United States, it is essential to confirm that all required licenses and certifications are valid and properly renewed. Primary source Verification is a key process of ensuring Compliance with laws and regulations, as well as protecting against potential liability and legal or administrative action.

Certemy is a leading provider of primary source verification for healthcare and other occupations, providing a fast and reliable system that validates professional licenses and certifications in real time. The Certemy License Verification solution automates license and certification tracking and renewal processes, delivering complete visibility into your workforce compliance program.

This article explores the importance of professional license verification and how Certemy helps you stay ahead of compliance requirements and maintain visibility across your organization.

The Need for Licensing Verification

Professional and healthcare licenses and certifications are set by the statutes and regulations of the governing authority in the state or jurisdiction in which the licensee is practicing. These regulations are frequently updated, and having access to up-to-date primary information is essential to avoid liability.

With employees working in different states or even abroad, verifying their licenses and certifications can be a daunting task. A lack of visibility into current certification information can lead to a backlog of unverified employees, resulting in legal or administrative action.

The Benefits of Primary Source Verification

Using primary source verification is the most efficient and reliable way to validate professional licenses and certifications and protect organizations against the risk of non-compliance. By automating the process, it eliminates the need for manual searches and makes it easy to track and renew credentials in real time.

Certemy License Verification provides a comprehensive compliance solution, with automated data collection, streamlined license and certification tracking, and real-time compliance reports. This helps organizations stay ahead of regulatory compliance requirements and manage their workforce more efficiently.

The solution also includes a range of features to facilitate optimal team productivity. It includes pre-built workflows that are fully configurable, allowing organizations to quickly customize and manage the license application process. It also gives HR departments access to centralized data and automated license reminders, creating an intuitive employee records platform and enabling single view of employee credentials.

Putting Together a Compliance Program

It is important to understand the need for primary source verification and the benefits that it can provide to your organization. To get started, you need to know the governing authority in each state or jurisdiction where employees are practicing, as this will determine the need for licensing verification.

Once you have identified the need for license and certification verification, you need to select the correct compliance program. Certemy offers flexible and configurable license tracking, with a dedicated team of compliance specialists to guide organizations through the process.

The Certemy License Verification solution helps organizations stay compliant and risk-free, with a comprehensive system for verifying professional licenses and certifications. With automated data collection, streamlined license and certification tracking, and real-time compliance reports, the solution helps organizations maintain visibility and control of their compliance program.


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