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Primary source Verification (PSV) offers an automated means to confirm the validity of a professional license, certificate, or authorization. This type of verification, provided by organizations like Certemy, is invaluable in protecting employers and organizations that employ healthcare providers such as certified nurse midwives (CNMs).

Not only can automation streamline administrative work, months of researching regulatory organizations, but an automated PSV process can also improve accuracy, save time, and monitor licensure and certification validity. Many employers trust certemy to monitor and verify that the CNMs working for them are actively licensed and in Compliance with the latest regulations.

In this article, we will examine what it means to have primary source verification and how it can help ensure compliance and reduce risk for members of the healthcare industry such as CNMs.

What is Primary Source Verification?

Primary source verification is an automated process that provides information regarding the licensure, registration, and/or certification status of a healthcare provider. Rather than attempting to manually confirm licensure information, employers use verified primary source data to ensure that their personnel remain in compliance.

Primary source verification is based on information obtained from the issuing entity, and supplemented by subsequent verification checks to ensure accuracy. With many certifications, the issuing entity – such as a state board of nursing – will be responsible for submitting the primary source data to the organization providing the verification. The verification process begins with the issuing entity but continues to be tracked throughout the certification or license’s term of validity.

The Benefits of Primary Source Verification for Certified Nurse Midwives

By utilizing automated primary source verification, employers are able to monitor their staff of CNMs and other healthcare providers to ensure they remain in compliance with the latest regulations. Automation can reduce the time required to review licenses and help employers stay up-to-date on the latest regulation changes. It can also help to mitigate potential risks associated with hiring unqualified personnel.

Additionally, primary source verification allows employers to monitor their workforce compliance program more effectively and efficiently. Automated primary source verification system tracks and maintain employee licenses and certifications in one system of record. This helps to improve team productivity and provides visibility across the entire organization. Ultimately, primary source verification makes compliance a much simpler process for employers of CNMs and other healthcare professionals.

Concluding remarks

Primary source verification is the automated, reliable way to confirm that CNMs are appropriately licensed and in compliance with the latest regulations. It offers employers faster, more accurate service that helps to ensure a compliant workforce. Automated primary source verification systems, like those offered by Certemy, provide an efficient and effective way for employers to monitor their staff and minimize risk.


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