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It is essential for organizations to ensure their employees are licensed and credentialed properly, meeting the unique qualifications and requirements of their profession and in keeping with the regulations and standards of the relevant governing organizations. With Certemy, businesses can easily, quickly, and accurately monitor and manage their professional licenses and credentials across their entire workforce with an automated primary source Verification system, helping to save time, mitigate risk, and improve staff utilization.

Understanding the Requirements & Regulations of Professional Licensing

The foundation of any reliable license or credentialing process depends on understanding the relevant regulations, requirements, and laws that apply. Professional licenses are generally required and regulated by the individual states in the U.S. and, depending on the profession, many may require additional accreditation from the governing bodies of the profession or associated fields. Professional licenses generally have to be renewed on a regular basis, and the specific requirements for gaining or maintaining a license can vary from one state to another. Businesses, universities, and other relevant organizations must ensure that employees and students maintain their professional licenses to meet the requirements and standards of their professions, both federal and state.

Broad Support for a Variety of Credentials and Licenses

Certemy offers streamlined and automated license verification, supporting licenses and credentials from a wide range of fields. This includes license and credential types from professional fields such as Engineering & Architecture; Healthcare; Education; Financial Licensing; and more. Certemys primary source verification helps to ensure accuracy and Compliance with the various states, verifying the validity of a license for the relevant jurisdiction and any other requirements that may apply. Certemy also offers the ability to track multiple licenses and certifications for an individual, helping to ensure accuracy and that all relevant credentials are up to date and valid. Additionally, Certemys Automated Application Software helps to streamline the process for businesses, universities, and other organizations to submit and manage license applications for their professionals and staff.

Real-Time Tracking and Automated Workflows

Certemys platform offers real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials in one system of record, allowing for increased visibility and control across the entire organization. Any changes in the status of a license or credential are recorded in real-time, allowing for faster feedback and response times. Leveraging pre-built workflows that are fully configurable, Certemy lets organizations automate their license application process, helping to save time and money. Notifications are also sent for renewals, helping to ensure on-time applications and renewals.

Achieve Comprehensive Compliance with Certemy

Certemy is the industry standard for automated professional license verification, offering businesses, universities, and other organizations a comprehensive solution that helps to achieve and maintain compliance with the relevant regulations and requirements. Working with Certemy helps organizations to save time, reduce risk, and optimize staff utilization. Certemy offers an easy-to-use platform to ensure complete visibility and control of the compliance of the workforce.


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