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Across virtually every industry, employee licensing and certification are essential to demonstrating an individual?s qualifications and continued competency and for maintaining a business?s credibility and accountability. It is no surprise, then, that Human Resources personnel are often tasked with developing and maintaining a comprehensive process for tracking, verifying, and renewing employee licenses and certifications. This can be a labor-intensive process that can be understandably overwhelming, particularly given the potential repercussions of any non-Compliance.

Fortunately, the advent of automation and online tools that streamline the process of license tracking and Verification relieves the burden of tedious, manual paperwork and brings an incredible degree of precision in that these tools can usually be tailored to each business?s specific needs. In brief, professional license verification tools review employee license and certification data to provide real-time visibility and control of the workforce compliance program.

One such tool is Certemy, a license verification provider trusted by some of the largest organizations in the U.S. Introduced as a cloud-based platform optimized to display all employee credentials in one comprehensive system of record, Certemy equips HR personnel with an expansive set of workflows that expedite the onboarding process and the tracking of licensure expirations, streamlining the entire verification process.

Why Professional License Verification Is Essential For Organizations

Organized reliability is of the utmost importance to organizations and their workforce compliance. It goes without saying that businesses must adhere to state and federal laws in order to remain in good standing and minimize their risk posed by fine or prosecution?all while sustaining their reputation and trustworthiness.

Keeping track of all of the individual licenses and certifications across, an organization and staying in compliance can easily become a Herculean task. Small companies especially can suffer from the daunting reality that the process of license validation can be a tedious and time-consuming one that requires constant attention.

Fortunately, modern times has brought with it a host of automated tools tailored to meet the needs of organizations of any size. With its full suite of verification features, Certemyserves as the tool of choice for many in ensuring that all data is collected in one system of record, and through real-time visibility and control of the workforce program, organizations are also empowered to uniformly comply with any applicable laws.

Features & Benefits of Certificate

Certemys primary source verification tool validates the credentials of your staff members quickly and easily, granting complete visibility and control of the employee compliance program and relieving the headache of monitoring individual licenses and certified qualifications.

Among the features included with Certemy are the following:

Automated license tracking and primary source verification

Configurable workflows to automate license application processes

Pre-built workflows to control license renewal process

Monitor all credentials in one system of record

Create and submit applications on behalf of employees directly with the state regulatory board

Ability to set up automatic reminders for license renewal

Robust reporting and analytics

Integration with existing HR systems

Customizable dashboards to monitor the status of compliance

What Do Others Say About Certemy?

By online accounts, Certemys customers have left an overwhelmingly positive response on their extraordinary service and customer support team. Certemy is the number one choice for many in the market looking for a comprehensive and systematic way to monitor compliance in their organization.

In addition, much of the accolade is aimed at the platform?s intuitive and user-friendly interface. Certemys intuitive design makes it easy to navigate through its features, allowing for a more efficient and streamlined management of the compliance program.

Lastly, Certemy offers an extensive resource library where information and documents are readily available and updated in real time, a strong indicator of the dependability and leadership of the license verification business.

Growing Your Business With Certemys License Verification Tool

At the end of the day, the goal for many businesses is to find a way to manage employee license verification that is both reliable and cost-effective. Certemys license verification platform allows businesses of any size to do just that. By automating the process of verification to increase accuracy and improve overall compliance, businesses can rest assured knowing that they are in good standing without incurring excessive administrative or financial costs.

Overall, Certemy is a leader in license verification and an essential tool for businesses to use to streamline their license tracking and verification processes.


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