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Advanced forensic nurses (AFNs) are responsible for providing highly specialized care, such as performing specified medical and legal procedures, efficiently interacting with legal and medical systems, and providing expert testimony. However, with the high responsibility that this role carries, It is imperative that AFNs are properly licensed and certified to practice. This is why primary source Verification (PSV) for accurate identification and validation of the licensing/certification is a necessity.

PSV ensures that the credentials of healthcare professionals are carefully evaluated and accurately identified to give employers and patients peace of mind when choosing healthcare providers. PSV also helps to protect the integrity of the healthcare industry, as it reduces the likelihood of utilizing a provider whose license or certification has expired or been revoked.

Whether your organization is considering implementing a professional license verification system for Advanced Forensic Nurses or building on existing PSV processes, they key is to find a provider who offers reliable data on thousands of credentials from public sources. Such a provider should also offer an intuitive platform that makes it easy to track licenses and credentials in one central location – giving organizations complete operational visibility and control of their Compliance program.

Read on to learn more about how primary source verification can help organizations determine whether Advanced Forensic Nurses have active, appropriately renewed licenses and why Straightforward License Verification is the number one choice for many major US employers.

What is Primary Source Verification?

Primary Source Verification is the process of validating professional licenses and credentials from official sources such as state boards, the American Medical Association, or other professional organizations. This process is performed to ensure that the providers? information is up to date and free of any sanctions or other disciplinary actions.

Straightforward License Verification provides organizations with accurate and up-to-date data from public databases so that they can be sure they are utilizing the services of providers who are properly licensed and certified.

Pre-Built Workflows that are Fully Configurable

Using Straightforward License Verification?s primary source verification system, organizations can tailor their tracking and monitoring processes by designing pre-built workflows that can be used to handle license application processes. This systemespecially helps ensure that license renewal dates are up to date.

The Straightforward License Verification system also allows organizations to automate notifications to providers of upcoming license renewal dates so that they can easily stay in compliance. The system also gives organizations the ability to set up and monitor thresholds for activating certain actions, such as issuing alerts when license renewal dates are approaching.

Straightforward License Verification also offers robust reporting tools that allow organizations to get a better understanding of their compliance program and the results associated with it. These tools allow organizations to compile detailed reports that break out licensing and credentialing data by provider type, provider status, or jurisdiction, giving organizations the insight they need to better manage their compliance program.

Trusted by Major US Employers

Straightforward License Verification has a proven track record of providing reliable data on thousands of credentials from public sources. The platform is trusted by some of the largest US employers, such as hospitals, government agencies, and national organizations, to save time, mitigate risk, and improve staff utilization.

Straightforward License Verification?s intuitive platform makes it easy for organizations to track, manage, and report on the testing and licensing of their staff, giving them complete operational visibility and control of their compliance program. With Straightforward?s comprehensive reporting capabilities, organizations can get a better understanding of their compliance program and the results associated with it.


Primary Source Verification technology is an essential tool for organizations that manage and utilize Advanced Forensic Nurses and other medical professionals to ensure the highest standards of professionalism. With Straightforward License Verification, organizations can automate compliance processes, stay up-to-date on licensing and testing, and reduce risk. This platform is trusted by major US employers and can help organizations improve staff utilization, save time, and better manage their compliance program.


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