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For any organization, a core part of ensuring staff are properly qualified and possess the required skills for the job is via comprehensive Professional License Verification. Through a proactive approach of consulting primary sources and continuous monitoring of employee data, organizations can ensure a verified workforce and manage high risks.

Professional license verification manages the automated process of confirming and tracking the authenticity of professional licenses accurately with primary source verification. This enable Human resource departments of organizations to have better control of their workforce Compliance with adherence to regulations and requirements.

Certemy is leading the way in primary source verification, providing license validation for professional licenses across industries. Their unique system empowers organizations to have a unified view of all staff licenses in one system of record. The data collected will ensure organizations possess an up-to-date, sanctioned, and verified employee portfolio, with improved employee utilisation and productivity of staff.

Why Professional License Verification?

Verifying the authenticity and validity of professional licenses is invaluable in preventing deceptive behavior and protecting organizations from costly legal repercussions. Primary source verification is an established means of comparing and validating professional licenses through official government documents. This process takes into consideration the current situation of thousands of professional licenses and the continuous changes and revisions in rules and regulations to ensure the workforce is up-to-date with all compliance requirements.

Most organizations store and track licenses via manual means, such as spreadsheets, which are both laborious and error-prone. For the enterprises that use software to manage their verifications, there may be trade-offs in safety and transparency.

Professional License Verification for Certified Corrections Nurse/Manager

As a Certified Corrections Nurse or Manager, it is imperative to keep your license and certifications up-to-date at all times to remain compliant and prevent disruption in the job satisfaction and performance. Here is where Certemy comes into play, helping you gain a full visibility of your compliance program, streamline processes, and save a considerable amount of time.

Certemy is especially useful for organizations in the corrections industry that hire professionals with multiple licenses that require renewal or verification. Certemys system validates licenses and certifications across employees in real-time and keeps track of license expirations, all in one system.

For Certified Corrections Nurse/Manager, Certemys automated primary source verification will check that licenses and certifications are appropriately renewed and are free of any past or current sanctions or disciplinary action. This ensures a prompt response in the event the license or certification is invalid, expired, suspended, or revoked.

The system is also built with simplicity in mind and pre-built workflows are configured to automate the license application processes, enabling organization personnel to access the license details with ease.

To summarize

Certemy is playing a major role in the license verification industry by providing an automated primary source verification system that validates professional licenses and certifications, ensuring they are up-to-date and free of any sanctions or disciplinary action. This system could be of great help for Certified Corrections Nurse/Manager in saving time, mitigating risk, and keeping up with their license renewal process.


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