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Human resources (HR) personnel play an integral part in ensuring that each employee is well-suited for a given job. Because certain roles require a specific license or certification, verifying employees? documents is a vital part of the hiring and onboarding process. Professional license verification is an efficient and secure way for employers to validate that incoming workers have the credentials they need to succeed in their role.

Why is Verifying Professional Licenses Important?

Verifying professional licenses is beneficial to employers for numerous reasons. Not only does ensuring a new hire or existing employee is properly licensed protect organizations from noncompliance fines, but it also comes with other long-term benefits as well.

First, the hiring process is simplified because it offers potential new hires the opportunity to quickly and accurately verify their credentials. Depending on the organization, the employees license may need to meet internal requirements. For instance, if the companies operations involve healthcare or technology, each employee would need to meet the respective licensure mandates within the field.

Professionally verified license documents can help ensure that all incoming employees have the right skills to do their job responsibly. This goes a long way in helping the company adhere to laws and industry regulations, and can help protect the organization from liability issues that can arise if staff lack the appropriate credentials.

Finally, verifying professional licenses is essential for employeesatisfaction. Promoting licensed employees gives them a sense of validity and can increase their dedication to the job.

What Advantages Does Automated Professional License Verification Offer?

Organizations of different sizes are likely to review dozens?if not hundreds?of applications for each job position. Filing and manually verifying each document takes up valuable time that could be spent on other important tasks. That?s where automated professional license verification comes in.

This type of system allows employers and HR personnel to quickly and accurately review the relevant credentials of each applicant. Automated license verification tools store records digitally and make them available in an easy-to-follow format. This saves HR specialists time as they can quickly access the records without going through manual paperwork.

Furthermore, this type of automated system makes document tracking simple. Organizations can set up alerts to send out notifications when a license is due for renewal, allowing companies to keep up-to-date records. This increases employee accountability and ensures all pertinent information remains up-to-date. Doing so can help organizations maintain compliance with industry standards and minimize costly disruptions due to oversight.

How Does Certemy Enable Professional License Verification?

Certemy is a trusted platform that simplifies the human resources license management process. The companies innovative primary source verification system verifies occupational licenses and certifications from many state and federal agencies across the United States. By automating the license verification process, Certemy allows organizations to conveniently track and monitor licenses and certifications to stay ahead of regulatory compliance.

With real-time tracking of their employees? credentials, organizations can ensure staff are fulfilling their duties in a compliant way. And through APIs, the Certemy platform is connected to many Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS), making it a great option for companies looking to build a bridge between their HR operations and license verification.

Last ideas

Professional licenses form an integral part of the job application process for many roles, and employers should consider incorporating automated verification services to check each incoming staff member?s credentials. Not only does performance verification save time and money by automating the process, but it also helps organizations ensure regulations are being met and protect themselves from potential liabilities. Certemy is an advantageous license verification platform that enables employers to manage their staff credentials easily and securely.


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