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As organizations around the world navigate Return to Work and continually revised labor and employment laws, human resources operations must remain up to date on workplace compliance, a task made more complex by a rapidly changing regulatory landscape. Aside from managing employee benefits, hiring processes, and managing payroll, HR departments must also ensure compliance with license requirements for operations across the board. Effective license management strategies are important for a variety of areas such as healthcare, hospitality, retail, finance, and logistics.

Primary source verification is the only reliable way to ensure license verifications are accurate and up-to-date. Professional license verification solves the challenges faced by organizations of all sizes and types, and provides a major competitive advantage. An automated, online license verification system from Certemy is the best way to manage license compliance for your entire workforce.

What is Professional License Verification?

Professional license verification is a comprehensive process that verifies an individual?s credentials, certifications, and licenses in the relevant occupation or field. This type of verification can be handled by a third-party verification service that specializes in the functions of primary source verification.

The automated process is data-driven and provides access to an online repository of valid and up-to-date license information that is easily accessible through the online portal. By leveraging this type of license verification system, organizations are able to quickly and easily verify the credentials of their employees for compliance with specific qualifications or occupation requirements.

Why is Professional License Verification Important?

Professional license verification is important for organizations in many industries including healthcare, hospitality, retail, finance, and logistics. It is critical for HR departments to ensure that the people they are hiring and employing have the required credentials and licenses to perform their jobs safely and legally. With a proper license verification system, organizations can ensure that all of their employees are qualified and appropriately credentialed.

License verification eliminates the risk of appointing an unqualified or fraudulent employee to a position, reduces legal risks from not having the required license or qualification, and helps to ensure that staff are properly trained. A professional license verification system also reduces the risk of license revocation or renewal delays, as all license information is readily available and up-to-date in the online repository.

The Benefits of an Automated Professional License Verification System

By leveraging an automated license verification system, organizations can gain instant access to the most comprehensive and up-to-date primary source verification information available. This not only eliminates manual labor as it pertains to license verifications, but it also ensures accuracy and consistency in the process.

An automated system also saves organizations time, money, and energy as they are able to quickly and easily access the required information that is needed to ensure compliance with occupational licensing laws. Additionally, the automated system allows organizations to track and manage employee licenses with greater visibility, control, and efficiency.

The automated professional license verification system from Certemy also enables organizations to stay ahead of regulatory compliance by providing real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials in one system of record. The workflow is designed to be tailored to the organizations needs and includes configurations for various license application processes, providing teams with an improved level of productivity across the entire organization.

Closing considerations

Professional license verification is essential for supporting human resources operations as compliance with labor and employment laws is increasingly complex in Todays digital world. By leveraging an automated professional license verification system, organizations can gain insight into the qualifications and credentials of their employees, manage risk, and save time. Certemys license verification systems are trusted by some of the largest US employers and offer an automated system for tracking and managing employee licenses with greater accuracy, visibility, and control.


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