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In Todays digital age, professional license Verification has become an essential tool for employers to not only onboard staff quickly but also retain Compliance standards. Organizations now need to verify credentials not only at the time of hire, but on an ongoing basis to manage their workforce compliance. A primary source verification system is critical to ensure that licenses are current, active, and free of any disciplinary measures, and Certemy is a leader in offering an automated license verification system.

With Certemys license verification system, organizations can gain comprehensive visibility and control over their workforce compliance operations and stay ahead of regulations. This system allows real-time tracking of employee credentials and ensures compliance with automated license application processing and workflows, configured to each business’ unique needs. Certemy is trusted by some of the largest employers in the US and its automated primary source verification system helps to save time and resources in staff utilization, mitigate risk, and improve team productivity.

Steps for License Verification with Certemy

Certemys primary source verification system is easy to implement and provides organizations with a streamlined approach to verifying employee credentials.

Assess Scope and Configure

The first step is to assess the scope of the compliance program within the organization and customize the system based on the unique requirements of the business. Certemy offers an intuitive and configurable platform that allows real-time adjustment to any additional or emerging compliance requirements.

Integrate the System with Data Sources

The system then needs to be integrated with the data sources, such as regulatory boards, that hold the data related to employee licenses and certifications. This helps ensure primary source verification of licenses and certifications, so that organizations can make informed decisions and reduce compliance risk.

Extract and Validate Data

Certemys license verification system then collects data from data sources to extract and validate the information. Organizations can validate credentials, ensuring that licenses and certifications are authentic and current and are free of sanctions or disciplinary action.

Design and Configure Notifications

Once data is collected and validated, organizations can design and configure notifications for tracking credentials for each employee. This helps with tracking to remind professionals to renew their credentials before the expiration date. Organizations can also ensure that any changes in credentials are updated in the database immediately.

Manage and Monitor Compliance

Finally, the system can be used to review credentials and generate reports that provide the organization with real-time insights into compliance operations. Organizations can use these daily reports to monitor adherence and ensure compliance with laws and regulations.

The bottomline

With an automated license verification system, employers can ensure that their staff remains in compliance with the latest regulations and reduce organizational risk and penalties. Certemys primary source verification system allows employers to quickly and easily manage credentials and receive automated alerts regarding credential status and expiration dates. This system brings enhanced visibility and control to workforce compliance operations and empowers management with real-time insights that are critical for compliance.


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