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The cornerstone of any workplace compliance program is effective employee license, certification and credential verification. Without the ability to quickly and seamlessly check the credentials of a professional staff, companies are unable to adequately control risk, comply with regulations, and ensure the safety of their workforce and customers.

Certemy is an automated professional license verification tool that provides organizations with a revolutionary way to check the credentials of their employees and stay on track with compliance. Utilizing a sophisticated primary source verification system, Certemy verifies active occupational licenses, certifications, and other credentials quickly and accurately.

Certification verification is one of the most important aspects of employee compliance and is essential for organizations to avoid costly penalties due to expired or invalid certifications. This proactive approach eliminates potential malicious activity, such as misclassifying employees, falsifying licenses and credentials, and poor background checks.

Certemy delivers total visibility into and control of a compliance program. It tracks and manages licenses and certifications with primary source verification in real time and provides a system of record for tracking employee licenses and credentials. This level of accuracy can help organizations identify potential miscommunications quickly and automate corrective action before they become lawsuit risks.

The Certemy workflow management feature makes it easy to manage and maintain credentials. It enables employers to streamline the process of tracking licensing and certification applications, expiration dates, and continuing education units. It also offers customizable workflows to ensure that certification applications are completed on schedule and that all required documentation is correctly verified and maintained.

For employers, the Certemysystem provides the ability to track and monitor credentials for staff. This can help them understand compliance potentials and identify areas where they need to take corrective action. In addition, the system can be used to develop audit trails and ensure that all certifications and licenses are up-to-date.

The use of Certemy can help organizations mitigate risk, save time, improve staff utilization, and stay ahead of regulatory compliance. By recognizing invalid credentials, eliminating misclassifications, and taking a proactive approach to compliance, employers can dramatically reduce the potential of expensive lawsuits and regulatory violations.


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