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Amidst the growing demands of labor laws and safety regulations, accurately verifying the credentials of asbestos workers has become increasingly complex and time consuming for employers in the United States. With states strictly enforcing rules and regulations to protect workers from potential occupational hazards, organizations have been on the hunt for powerful and reliable tools to protect their staff members and comply with governmental regulations.

Certemy is transforming the license Verification process for employers as a leader in professional license management. Our automated primary source verification system securely validates occupational licenses and certifications across the entire staff, ensuring they are updated, appropriate, and free from any sanctions or disciplinary actions. With real-time tracking capabilities, Certemy makes it easy for employers to take control of their workforce Compliance program and track all of their employee licenses and credentials in one secure location.

Streamline Employee Verification

Certemys automated process streamlines the entire employee verification process, eliminating the laborious task of manually verifying licenses and credentials. Employers can now easily adjust the parameters of their license verification system, ensure their employee license records are up to date and complete, and quickly access reliable information for their entire staff in one centralized platform.

Unlike other license management platforms, Certemy operates using primary source verification. This means that our technology independently accesses the latest employment and licensing information from its source, ensuring that what employers see is a direct reflection of the most accurate and timely information available. This process ensures that employers are receiving the most reliable and comprehensive employee licensure information, allowing them to remain proactive in their talent retention efforts.

Configurable Workflows and Automated License Applications

Certemy also provides the perfect system to ensure regulatory accuracy and compliance in the midst of the changing labor policies and standards. Our built-in workflows are fully configurable, allowing employers to design automated systems to store, track, and apply for licensure and certifications for particular occupations and healthcare settings. What was a cumbersome and tedious task for organizational administrators is now much simpler; Certemy enables employers to easily monitor all relevant license information in one secure, centralized platform.

Additionally, Certemy has been used by some of the largest employers in the United States, and is trusted to save time while maintaining risk mitigation and improved staff utilization.

The essence

Certemy is revolutionizing the license verification process for employers across the United States. Our automated, primary source verification platform ensures accurate, up-to-date compliance with the latest labor laws and safety regulations for asbestos workers. By providing detailed profiles and real-time tracking of each employees licenses and credentials, Certemysimplifies the process of monitoring and verifying staff licensures. With intelligent workflows, employers can configure automated applications for licenses and certifications, as well as seamlessly maintain accurate records.

For employers serious about protecting their staff members and staying ahead of regulatory compliance, Certemy is the obvious choice.


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