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Ambulatory care nursing takes specialized knowledge and expertise and it is important for any facility to make sure its nurses are properly credentialed. A vital step in the process is verifying that their professional licenses are up to date. This is now made easier and more reliable than ever with the use of a professional license Verification tool such as Certemy.

Certemy?s primary source verification system is an innovative technology that makes it simple for employers to ensure their nurses or other personnel are authorized to practice. With Certemy, employers can get secure real-time tracking in one system of record, making it easier to monitor their personnel?s credentials and Compliance.

Verify Professional Licenses Quickly and Easily

Certemy?s automated license verification system is designed to be easy to use and understand. It allows employers to quickly and easily verify the status of their employees? professional licenses and certifications. It can also be used to alert employers when credentials are about to expire, so they can take proactive steps to ensure their personnel remain compliant.

Certemy is also ideal for organizations with multiple locations or employees spread out across different jurisdictions. The system can easily be configured to check a variety of different regulatory boards for the most up-to-date licensing information. This means employers can ensure their personnel in any state or country remain compliant with the latest regulations.

Time-Saving Benefits and More

Certemy provides the visibility and control employers need to properly manage their compliance program. It can save employers a significant amount of time in manual credentialing processes and is trusted by thousands of employers across the U.S. Employers can leverage the system?s pre-built workflows, which are fully customizable, to automate license applications to reduce the manual overhead associated with credentialing.

Thanks to its streamlined approach, employers can easily monitor the credentials of their staff and quickly address any potential issues. This helps make sure their personnel remain compliant and that patients are better protected. Not only that, but employers can also better manage their staff utilization with Certemy?s real-time tracking capabilities.

Mitigate Risk and Improve Visibility with Certemy

Certemy?s license verification system is not only designed to help employers stay ahead of regulatory compliance but also to help mitigate risk. With its primary source verification methods, employers are able to more easily check to see if their staff are free of sanctions or other disciplinary actions.

At the same time, Certemy?s easy-to-use dashboard makes it simple for employers to get a complete view of their workforce compliance program. This makes it easier for employers to ensure their staff?s credentials are up to date and get a complete overview of any issues that need to be addressed.

Whether employers are looking to streamline their credentialing processes, save time, or have better visibility of their compliance program, Certemy has them covered. With its innovative license verification technology, employers are able to keep their personnel compliant and protect the wellbeing of their patients.


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