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As an individual entrusted with maintaining compliance in the workplace, you may already be familiar with the tedious process of manually tracking employee credentials and certifications. In some cases, this might include the verification of professional licenses, which often vary by state or industry. Unfortunately, manual tracking of license credentials can be a time-consuming process that takes considerable effort and resources. Fortunately, there is an automated solution that simplifies and streamlines professional license verification.

Certemy is an industry-leading solution designed to verify professional licenses and certificates across employees to ensure that they are up-to-date and free of any disciplinary action or sanctions. With Certemy, you have the assurance of complete visibility and control of your organizations compliance program. Despite the fact that credential verification can be a difficult task, Certemys automated license tracking and primary source verification makes compliance compliance easy.

Certemy is trusted by some of the top US employers because of its ability to save time and money. Furthermore, it can dramatically improve team productivity and visibility, as it allows organizations to keep track of employee licenses and credentials and stay ahead of the necessary regulatory compliance. With Certemy, organizations can create customizable workflows that help streamline the license application process, making it easier for organizations to stay compliant and up-to-date with the latest licensing requirements.

The primary function of Certemy is to help manage the tedious process of verifying that all of your employees have the credentials and certifications required by the companies they are hired by. By leveraging the latest technology, Certemy makes licensing verification easier and more efficient. Automatically assigned workflows allow you to track and manage your employee certifications quickly and easily. In addition, all of your employee certifications are stored in a secure, searchable database that can be accessed easily.

With Certemy, you can easily keep track of your teams compliance status and ensure that each individual employee remains compliant with the required licensing regulations. As a result, organizations are able to minimize risk and save time and money associated with manually tracking and verifying employee certifications. Best of all, Certemy offers comprehensive customer support, ensuring that you never have to worry about the accuracy of the information or the integrity of the data.

Certemy is a powerful solution that simplifies the process of verifying employee credentials and certifications, giving you the confidence and assurance that your college and industry licensing requirements are being met. With Certemy, you can trust that your organization is compliant, and your employees are prepared for their career paths.


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