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Licensing Verification is a critical requirement, and often required by law, for many occupations that must have their professional credentials regularly evaluated. This validation is used to assure employers that their staff is properly trained, qualified, and up to date with licensing regulations and best practices. Certified occupational health nurses are no exception, requiring valid certification from an accredited organization to provide services that meet legal standards as designated by the governing board.

To ensure certified occupational health nurses are licensed correctly, organizations are increasingly turning to automation to confirm the authenticity of the certification. Automation saves time and staff resources, ensuring Compliance with regulations with real-time as well as up-to-date primary source validation.

This article will discuss what primary source verification is and how License Verification through Certemys automated primary source validation gives organizations complete visibility and control of their compliance program.

What Is Primary Source Validation?

Primary source verification (PSV) is an automated process that confirms the authenticity of a professional license and ensures that all staff members in the organization have credentials that meet professional standards and regulatory compliance.

PSV is especially helpful when confirming licenses that are necessary for positions in government sectors, medical organizations, and financial institutions. By using primary source validation, potential employers can check the status of a potential employees license and make sure everyone in the organization is properly qualified.

Organizations must use an appropriate source to validate the credentials; Certemy has access to the authoritative sources that maintain these records.

License Verification with Automated Primary Source Verification

Certemy, a leader in License Verification, provides organizations with an automated primary source system that confirms the validity of occupational licenses and certifications across their employees. This enables the organizations to have real-time visibility and control of their workforce compliance program with automated tracking and management of licenses and certifications. This allows employers to stay ahead of regulatory compliance and to track their employee license and credential in one system.

The automated system ensures a smooth and efficient workflow for application processing by using pre-built workflows that are fully configurable to automate the license application process. Certemy can also incorporate additional sources and partners that can be integrated into their software, depending on the requirements.

Benefits of License Verification with Certemy

Organizations that utilize Certemy for license verification appreciate the significant benefits of the automated source verification system:

Save time: The automated system eliminates long manual processes and saves organizations from spending excessive time on regulatory compliance.

Mitigate risk: Having an automated system allows organizations to verify accurate credentials and reduces the risk of errors or missteps.

Improve utilization: With automated and up-to-date records, organizations can easily access information about employees? credentials allowing them to make better-informed decisions when assigning jobs.

Real-time tracking: Organizations have complete control of the license and credential status in their system of records.

Data accuracy: Certified occupational health nurses can access accurate licensing information and review the data in the system.

The bottomline

Organizations in need of license verification to ensure their certified occupational health nurses are legally certified must find an efficient and automated solution. Certemys automated primary source verification system offers a user-friendly and reliable solution to verify license credentials quickly. This will save organizations time, reduce errors, provide improved staff utilization, and control their compliance program.

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