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The complicated process of verifying professional licenses can be time-consuming and costly for compliance teams looking to keep up with regulations. Keeping track of details like expiration dates and renewals of various state licenses not only take valuable time, but can also carry significant penalties with non-compliance. Fortunately, technological advances have provided an efficient and secure system for verifying licenses quickly and efficiently. Certemy is at the forefront of this technology, helping employers to automatically validate current licenses and certifications, ensuring that their workforce remains compliant with rapid primary source verification.

The Challenges of Professional License Verification and Compliance

Compliance teams are increasingly responsible for maintaining the workforce license and certification credentials. It is through efficient and accurate license verification that employers can test a DOD clearance, validate licensure for specific occupations, or obtain the required certificates for a given job. Each license check requires access to the regulatory sources, usually state boards of the applicable profession, which can take time and resources to maintain.

Maintaining current license verification also requires employers to keep up with expiration dates and any necessary renewals, further complicating the process and requiring an increasing level of organization and accuracy. Failure to stay current on license requirements can mean heavy fines, legal action, or the inability to continue operation. Because of the intensive nature of license verification, many employers are turning to automated primary source verification systems to keep up with current regulations and deadlines.

How Automated Primary Source Verification via Certemy Makes the Process Easier

Certemy offers a sophisticated license verification platform that simplifies the process for compliance officers. Whether It is for security clearances, nursing licenses, or specialty certifications, they provide a comprehensive way to check and maintain the credentials of employees nationwide.

By connecting with the primary sources directly, Certemy is able to quickly verify licenses and provide automated tracking of each employees license status. This real-time tracking system allows employers to easily see which licenses are current, expired, or nearing expiration without having to manually check each license. The platform is customizable, allowing employers to set alerts and reminders that help to ensure compliance without any extra effort.

Benefits of Automating Professional License Verification

Using automated primary source verification via Certemy reduces the time needed to maintain personnel credentials while keeping employers in compliance. The system of record provides an accurate bird?s-eye view of employee licenses and certifications, so employers can assess risk more quickly, free up time to focus on strategic tasks, and increase productivity. Additionally, the pre-built workflow process can be tailored to streamline the application process for license applications.

Staying Ahead of Regulatory Compliant and Risk

Primary source verification offers an unbeatable advantage over manual license checks, making the process more efficient and secure. The accuracy of the data and the ability to quickly identify any updated requirements or sanctions give employers the ability to stay ahead of any potential risk.

With Certemys automated license verification, large organizations and employers can save time and mitigate risk across the entire organization. Trusted by some of the largest US employers to save time and improve staff utilization, Certemys intuitive interface offers unrivaled visibility and control of professional workforce compliance.


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