License Verification Tool | NA – Nursing Assistant or Nursing Aide

For human resource (HR) operations leaders, managing professional license verification is a difficult task. It requires staying up to date with ever-changing regulations, ensuring licenses are up-to-date, tracking employee credentials, and providing accurate and timely information when asked. With greater scrutiny being placed on organizations for compliance violations, streamlining license verification with automation is a must.

Certemy offers a comprehensive license verification system that helps organizations to reduce their risk and liability while increasing compliance efficiency. Automated primary source verification helps ensure that employee licenses are both active and renewed when necessary. This allows companies to stay ahead of regulatory compliance and keep their license and credentials data up to date.

Certemys automated license tracking offers complete visibility and control of an organizations workforce compliance program. The system captures data from multiple sources, including a companies internal databases, state records, and other third-party sources. This ensures that an organizations compliance program is as accurate and timely as possible.

In addition to verifying existing credentials, Certemy also provides the tools necessary to manage license applications when an employee is being hired or promoted. Pre-built workflows make the application process seamless and intuitive. The application process can be further optimized with automation, such as routing certain applications to specific instructions and departments.

Certemy also offers real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials in one central system. This eliminates the need for duplicate entry or manual verification and offers complete visibility across the entire organization. With reminders for renewals and other due dates, the software simplifies the process of keeping license and credential information current.

For any type of credential – including a Nursing Assistant () or Nursing Aide () certification – Certemy provides the tools needed to manage and streamline the verification process. This includes automating verification of an individual’s license status through primary source verification, thereby reducing the amount of time and effort it takes to maintain compliance.

For HR operations leaders seeking to streamline their license verification processes, Certemy offers an all-in-one solution. The system reduces compliance risks, improves staff utilization and productivity, and offers complete visibility and control over an organizations workforce compliance program.


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