License Verification Tool | Certification in Managed Care Nursing

Certemy is a comprehensive license Verification platform helping HR teams streamline the process of verifying employee certifications and licenses, while staying ahead of regulatory Compliance and reducing risk. Through its automated primary source verification system, Certemy can quickly and reliably validate occupational licenses and certifications across their workforce and put employers in charge of their compliance program.

With Certemy, HR teams are given entire visibility and control to track and manage licenses and certifications with primary source verification. This helps HR departments to improve team productivity and stay ahead of regulatory compliance with automated license tracking. Furthermore, Certemy provides pre-built workflows that are fully configurable to automate license application processes. This helps HR teams to stay on top of renewal deadlines, so they can rest assured that their team is operating at peak performance and compliance.

Employers that need to track and manage employee certifications and license can easily onboard Certemy to gain real-time tracking capabilities. The entire process is simple and quick, requiring the employer to establish a contract with Certemy, upload a list of licensed employees, and continue to monitor certifications. Certemy is designed to automate the entire process, ensuring that all up-to-date licenses are stored securely in one centralized location.

Certemy is particularly suited to larger companies with multiple teams, departments, and locations. It eliminates frustration and manual labor when dealing with licenses across teams, since management and teams can keep track and access the information they need in one centralized location instantaneously. The platform also allows for transparency, so leadership teams can quickly diagnose any discrepancies or discrepancies between personnel or personnel procedures.

Overall, Certemy is an easy-to-use platform with the tools and features to streamline professional license verification and ensure regulatory compliance. Not only does it provide up-to-date tracking of all licenses and certifications, but it also provides teams with the peace of mind that their workforce is operating at its peak ability, free from any sanctions or disciplinary actions. With Certemy, HR teams can easily make sure that their company remains compliant and continues to operate without any issues.