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The need for primary source Verification for professional licenses can get cumbersome quickly, especially for large organizations that employ individuals with state-regulated licenses. To ensure staff utilization meets the necessary regulations, employers must be diligent in researching and tracking employee licenses. Certemy helps ease this process.

For organizations looking to maximize efficiency, Certemy is a must-have for streamlining the primary source verification (PSV) process of occupational licenses and certifications. With its automated tracking system and real-time monitoring capabilities, organizations can easily manage and control their workers? license Compliance program.

How Certemystreamlines Professional License Verification

Certemy is designed to offer a complete visibility and management of workforce compliance programs, eliminating data entry errors while increasing accuracy across all verification processes. what is more, its automated license tracking and primary source verification system ensures instant safety and accuracy compliance.

Effortless Primary Source Verification

Technology has changed certifications and license verifications for the better. With Certemy, employers can eliminate the need for manual processes and paperwork, and can instead use powerful technology to track and verify licenses instantly.

Certemy is designed to streamline the entire process, automatically checking for any expired, revoked or denied license applications, and ensuring all licenses are active and up to date. Not only does this save time and money, but it eliminates errors that can arise from manual processes.

Automate License Application Processes

Organizations that work with Certemy can benefit from pre-built workflows that are fully customizable, allowing employers to create automated license application processes with full flexibility and control.

Certemystreamlines communication between organizations and governmental bodies, breaking down the barrier that usually exists between the two. Notifications and reminders can be sent easily to employees to ensure they stay aware of necessary paperwork and are aware of submission deadlines.

Reap the Benefits

Certemy offers more than just license tracking. It provides organizations with a system of record for all employee licenses and credentials, giving full visibility and control over the entire organization.

Organizations that use Certemy for license verification and tracking can reap the benefits of improved productivity and staff utilization and a better bottom line. With the automated license tracking process, employers can ensure that all licenses remain active, renewed and free of any sanctions or disciplinary actions.

Certifying that Certifications are Accurate

Certemy takes license verification to the next level, providing real-time tracking of all employee licenses and credentials in one system. Trusted by some of the largest US employers, Certemy helps to save time in implementing data entry and license tracking, while mitigating potential risk from incorrect or outdated information.

Organizations using Certemy can rest easy knowing that their license verification process will be accurately completed. With Certemys automated license tracking and primary source verification system, verification of professional licenses is conveniently accomplished with the click of a button.


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