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As any compliance officer responsible for a workforce knows, frequent checks of credentials and professional licenses are a necessity. With legal and regulatory requirements constantly changing, staying on top of each employees professional license while keeping the business running without obstruction can be daunting. Licensing boards are inundated with requests and verifying an employees license manually can be a time-consuming and costly endeavor.

The use of automated license verification such as Certemy can simplify the process of credential and license compliance, saving businesses time, money, and the angst of meeting regulatory requirements. By leveraging Certemys powerful, yet intuitive application, businesses can easily monitor and control their employee licenses and certifications, freeing up valuable HR resources and mitigating risk while keeping pace with changing regulations.

Stay Ahead of Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory requirements are a central part of ensuring that business operations remain compliant when it comes to professional credentials and licensing. Keeping up with these requirements can be challenging, especially for businesses operating with limited resources. With Certemy, businesses can stay ahead of regulations by automatically tracking employee licenses and credentials, allowing the HR department to focus on strategic tasks instead of manual license management processes.

Certemys primary source license verification system quickly verifies whether occupational licenses and certifications are actively renewed and free of sanctions or disciplinary actions, removing the burden of dealing with specialized standards, complicated regulations, and outdated legacy software. This automated system provides an up-to-date and accurate record of all employee credentials in real-time, ensuring legal and regulatory requirements are met.

Streamline License Application Processes

Credential and license requirements of employees can be a complex and convoluted process, with many organizations lacking the manpower or resources to stay on top of these needs. With Certemys configurable workflows, businesses are able to streamline employee license application processes, reducing the time and resources associated with license renewal and acquisition.

Certemys automated system works by educating employees on the necessary steps to acquire or renew their credentials, while allowing businesses to track their progress and provide assistance when needed. Employers can also set specific reminders for upcoming renewals, allowing them to easily plan ahead and stay on top of any compliance gaps due to expired credentials.

Improve Visibility Across the Organization

The need for compliance across a business is often not fully appreciated or understood. With Certemy, businesses are able to provide visibility into each employees professional licenses and credential within one system of record, greatly improving organizational visibility. This allows businesses to keep track of their workforce compliance with much greater accuracy, while improving team productivity and ensuring everyone remains on the same page.

Using Certemy, HR teams are able to gain complete visibility and control of their compliance program as well as increased cost-savings derived from the automation of mundane tasks. Companies also benefit from Certemys flexible integration options, making for easier supporting of multiple types of operating systems.

Last ideas

Compliance with professional credentials and licensing requirements is a critical component of employee recruitment and onboarding. Meeting these requirements while managing internal operations can be time-consuming and costly. By utilizing Certemys license verification system, businesses can automate employee license tracking, reduce costs, and ensure they remain compliant with legal and regulatory requirements. With Certemy, businesses can stay ahead of the curve and ensure their employees on-board quickly and easily.


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