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Accurately verifying employee professional licenses and certifications is an important basis of any Human Resource (HR) operation. Doing so manually can be both tedious and time consuming. Certemy, a market leader in license Verification, offers automated primary source verification systems to streamline the process for HR departments and ensure Compliance.

In Todays ever-changing regulatory landscape, staying ahead of compliance regulations is an increasingly difficult task. Certemys automated license tracking and primary source verification system simplifies the process of verifying a range of professional licenses and qualifications. This system expedIt is compliance and mitigates potential risks associated with having employees working without notifying HR that their licenses are expired or otherwise in violation of regulations. Certemys service is trusted by many of US’s largest employers.

By utilizing Certemy, HR departments can maintain a full record of employee professional licenses and qualifications in a centralized system in real-time. This oversight reduces the wasted time and lost productivity associated with manual verification processes and provides a full view of staff compliance.

Certemy also provides workflows that are fully configurable to automate license application processes. This automation ensures that license applications are processed quickly and accurately, providing access to verified professionals more quickly and freeing up HR staff to focus on other tasks. By taking advantage of Certemys automated processes, HR departments can anticipate and manage license renewal cycles more effectively, improving utilization and ensuring organizational compliance.

At the organizational level, this simplifies license tracking, managing, and adherence to relevant regulations, providing full visibility and control over compliance. With Certemy, HR departments that used to worry about manual verification can trust the reliability of a verified system that is up to date and trackable.

The importance of accurately and quickly verifying employee professional license and qualifications cannot be understated. Certemysimplifies this process, streamlining HR operations and ensuring organizational compliance.


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