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When it comes to professional licensing and credential verification, staying compliant and up-to-date with process and regulatory changes can feel like a never ending task. Certemys license verification tool makes staying on top of the changes easier than ever. Certemy is a leader in license verification and provides an automated primary source verification system to validate certificates and licenses of employees. This ensures that all certificates and licenses are active, appropriately renewed, and free from any disciplinary actions or sanctions.

With Certemy, employers can immediately gain the leverage they need to maximize their staff?s total utilization. This is done through real-time tracking of the employees credentials and the licenses, in one single point of record. Moreover, staff productivity and visibility is greatly improved due to the automated license application process enabled by the pre-made workflows that are configurable.

For employers, the major benefit of using Certemy is the comprehensive visibility and control they have over their compliance program. Something that is paramount for any business looking to stay current and compliant with licensing regulations and changes in the workforce. As the largest employers in the United States are using Certemy, It is easy to understand why the tool is so popular for many organisations.

The compliance program of any business needs to be regularly updated to stay ahead of the regulatory requirements that are mandated. This is extremely essential, as business policies in the United States are usually being modified frequently, hence keeping all their records updated and well-maintained is mandatory.

Certemy is the ideal solution for any company aiming to streamline their internal compliance process. The tool allows the employers to avoid any pricey manual labor and document filing. It reduces the amount of time and effort taken for vetting the employees by automating the tedious tasks. That way, companies can dedicate their time to tasks that are more important and require more specialized expertise.

Another major benefit of using Certemy is the security and reliability it provides. The automated system implemented by Certemy ensures that all employee certificates and licenses are valid, authentic, and thoroughly verified. Since all results are aided through Certemys primary source verification method, the results are trusted and reliable.

Certemy also consists of a highly professional and enthusiastic team of employees with a deep understanding of regulatory compliance. They develop tools which help the employers manage their teams licensing requirements, as well as ensure that the current workforce is in the good books of the regulatory processes.

At the same time, Certemy is highly cost effective. Costs are significantly reduced for enrollments in online libraries and libraries subscriptions. Employees can also be engaged in their continuing education and training needs to form a better team and easier-to-use licenses.

Certemys license verification tool is a great way for businesses to stay ahead of the regulatory compliance and to maximize their staff utilization. With the automated system, employers can gain better visibility and control over their program, as well as save time and money spent on manual labor.


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