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As a Chief Nursing Officer (CNO), staying compliant is paramount to maintaining a safe and healthy workplace. That’s why primary source verification (PSV) is so important. PSV is the process of validating that individuals occupying healthcare positions have valid occupations licenses and certifications. It is more reliable than relying on a self-declaration from the employee, as it allows organizations to use accurate and authoritative data rather than risk falling victim to false information.

Using primary source verification technology is essential to streamline and secure the license verification process. Automated systems cut down on manual labor and costs associated with verifying credentials, allow organizations to remain compliant with requirements, and greatly reduce risk of liability. Further, with robust tracking and monitoring of employee licenses, organizations can remain on top of license renewal dates and automatically track and manage employee certifications in one secure system of record.

The license verification process has become even more important due to an increasing number of regulatory changes in the healthcare industry. Many states now require healthcare organizations to verify the credentials of individuals occupying healthcare positions through primary source before they start working. This way, employers are ensured to have a safe and qualified workforce.

Fortunately, the long and cumbersome manual license verification process has become more efficient. Professional license verification tools like Certemy provide a comprehensive solution for organizations. Some of the benefits include:

Real-Time Tracking of Employee Licenses and Credentials

With Certemy, you will have complete visibility and control of your compliance program, since all employee licenses and credentials are tracked in real-time within one system of record. Employers can easily access employee information, review the documents, and monitor the progress of each applicant through the system. This way, you will have peace of mind knowing that all of your staff has the required qualifications and certifications.

Automatically Track and Manage Licenses and Certifications

Certemys system offers an automated license tracking system for employers, which allows them to easily manage employee licenses and certifications. You can set up notifications and alerts for upcoming expiration dates, easily access records from best-in-class primary source databases, and automatically track license renewals across the entire organization. This system is also fully configurable for organizations with varying license requirements.

Improve Team Productivity and Visibility

Certemy enables employers to save time and money on license verification. you will have clear and transparent access to all of your employee licenses and certifications, leveraging pre-built workflows to automate license application processes. This will improve team productivity and visibility across the organization, allowing you to better understand the performance of your employees and ensure all licenses and certifications remain active and compliant.


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