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In a highly regulated environment, business owners must be compliant with increasingly stringent requirements imposed by organizations such as the Department of Health and Human Services, the Joint Commission, and state Boards. Staying one step ahead of the regulatory Compliance process can be a daunting task. With Certemy, employers can easily manage employee licenses and certifications with automated primary source Verification that is both fast and thorough. This article will explain why professional license verification through Certemy is beneficial to organizations.

To start with, Certemystreamlines license tracking and verification in one system of record. This allows employers to remain organized and compliant with state and federal regulations. With their intuitive user dashboard, HR personnel can quickly view and manage employee data, set up expiration notifications, and even check the status of license applications right from their work station.

One of the benefits of license verification through Certemy is that It isaves time and resources that would otherwise be spent tracking down the status of each license or certification. Auto-scrubbing of all employees? credentials at the start of the process allows HR staff to reduce manual entry and become more proficient at staff utilization rate. On top of that, Certemysupports pre-built workflows to streamline license application processes from start to finish.

Certemy also ensures that employers are always protected against potential liability and sanctions. They take the guesswork out of verifying licenses with real-time tracking and instantaneous alerts when a license or certification is at risk of expiring, or if any negative disciplinary action or sanction has been imposed on an employee.

These are just a few of the benefits of automated license verification with Certemy. From facilitating regulatory compliance to reducing time spent on administrative tasks, Certemy offers a comprehensive and efficient solution for employers to track and monitor their employees licenses and certifications.

For business owners and HR personnel, having a comprehensive license verification solution in place can help mitigate risk, ensure regulatory compliance and provide staff utilization insights. All of this makes Certemy the go-to solution for businesses seeking to safely and accurately manage employee licenses and certifications.


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