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Primary source verification (PSV) is an essential component of managing and tracking professional licenses, particularly for large organizations with a large number of licensed professionals employed. It is a process that relies on checking the credentials of license and certification holders with the issuing organization to ensure that the credentials remain valid. Some may ask why primary source verification (PSV) is necessary and not just relying on self-report by applicants.

The answer is that self-report is highly unreliable due to applicants potentially misrepresenting accurate information. This type of situation is particularly true when considering the heightened liability of occupational licensing. PSV is an effective way to ensure accuracy, protect employers, and ensure that employees are able to practice their profession in accordance with the qualification standards required by their occupation.

PSV is also extremely beneficial for organizations that wish to remain compliant with applicable regulations on licensing and certification. By ensuring the accuracy of the information provided by employees, organizations can reduce liability risk and ensure that they are offering their employees with appropriate and valid licensure.

Furthermore, PSV is an effective way to ensure that the employees of any organization are held to the highest standard of qualification, and that they remain current and in compliance with the jurisdictional laws and regulations. This protects not only the organization but also the safety of clients and staff by ensuring the quality of care and compliance with best practices.

Certemy is an online system that helps to track and manage the compliance of professional licensing and certification. Using a single source, Certemy allows organizations to gain visibility of the credentials held by their employees in real-time. This system eliminates the need to rely on on-site verification of credentials and allows organizations to remain compliant with all applicable regulations.

Certemys primary source verification system also streamlines and automates the license application processes, making them much easier to complete. This allows organizations to quickly vet the credentials of their professional staff, and it also helps to reduce manual labor that is often needed to check the credentials in person. Not only does this save time, but it also allows organizations to reduce mistakes in processing and allow them to improve staff utilization.

The Certemysystem also provides automated license tracking and primary source verification. This helps organizations to maintain their workforce compliance program by ensuring their licenses and certifications are up-to-date and have been properly renewed. With a system that provides such visibility and control of the workforce, organizations can confidently ensure that employees remain compliant with regulations, and that the organization remains fully compliant.

Overall, primary source verification is an effective way to track and verify professional licensing and certification, and organizations that leverage Certemy for their license management and tracking are likely to benefit from improved compliance, decreased liability risk, better utilization of staff, and reduced manual labor costs.


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