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With the ever-present need to stay ahead of regulatory compliance requirements in the healthcare sector, it has become increasingly important to verify the credentials of healthcare professionals. The Master of Public Health (MPH) qualification is no exception. As an advanced degree, it is the highest academic credential available in public health. Without an efficient way to verify the professional licenses and certifications of MPHo professionals, employers risk exposure to regulatory violations and staff underutilization. Fortunately, tech-driven approaches to verify the credentials of MPH professionals have been developed, providing faster and easier methods of compliance verification.

Verifying MPH Professional Credentials: Primary Source Verification

Primary source verification (PSV) is the most reliable and thorough way to verify professional credentials. This process involves directly verifying the information provided on the license or certificate holder?s transcript or application with the issuing organizations, as well as with the relevant public records. PSV eliminates the potential for human error or inaccuracies in the data provided, ensuring accuracy, security, and compliance. Additionally, PSV allows employers to stay ahead of potential risks or enforcement actions, reduce redundancy across the organization, and ensure the proper use of healthcare professional credentials.

Licensing and Certification Verification

Licensing and certification verification is a key component of the PSV process, ensuring compliance with legal requirements and health care regulations. It involves verifying the credentials of all MPH professionals, including those with post-doctoral degrees. The verification process begins with the employer verifying the credentials with the issuing organization to ensure that the certifications and licenses are valid and current. It is then followed by an examination of relevant public records to confirm the individual?s history and background. Finally, the combination of the two processes helps employers to assess the professional?s qualifications and experience in the healthcare field.

Automating Professional License Verification for MPH Programs

Automating professional license verification for MPH professionals can save employers time and money and provide a higher level of verification accuracy. Automated license tracking systems allow employers to quickly and easily track and manage their license application process. These systems are designed to digitize and automate the tedious process of license and certification verification. Additionally, they can provide a detailed and comprehensive view of the credentials of each MPH professional, ensuring accuracy and compliance with regulations.

Trusted License Verification Solutions

Organizations such as Certemy provide license verification solutions that can be used to track and manage the credentials of MPH professionals. These systems are easy to use and can streamline the entire license application process. Certemys automated primary source verification system can quickly validate professional licenses and certifications across multiple sources, providing employers with accurate information and efficient workflows. Additionally, Certemy can save employers time by providing real-time tracking of MPH professional licenses and credentials, leading to enhanced workforce compliance and improved team productivity.

Last ideas

Professional license verification is a critical component of ensuring compliance with health care regulations. Automated solutions are the most efficient and effective way to carry out the license checking process for MPH programs. Certemy is a trusted license verification system that delivers real-time tracking and accurate compliance management for MPH and other healthcare professionals.


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