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Primary Source Verification for Professional Licensing

The human resources sector of modern business operations is tasked with a wide variety of administrative duties, from payroll services to talent recruitment. It is also increasingly important for human resource departments to keep close track of the professional licensure of personnel. An organized, comprehensive system of primary source verification for professional licensing offers numerous benefits for human resources teams, from providing a reliable overview of all employee licensures to reducing legal exposure and promotion of safe practices.

There are multiple facets to maintaining a robust license verification program. This includes making sure any relevant certifications, authorizations, or registrations are up to date for each employees position within the organization. It also requires tracking when an employees licensing will expire, as well as any action taken in response to variations in licensing requirements. Finally, it is necessary to be aware of any licensing exclusions or sanctions that could potentially affect the employees ability to practice their profession.

Primary source verification helps streamline these tasks. A comprehensive platform makes it easy to track individual licensing information, as well as store the licenses? credentialing references. The references can later be used for compliance verification if needed. This format also allows the organization to quickly cross-reference individual information within the platform, enabling them to match qualifications and credentials to job roles and corporate policies.

The nature of a primary source verification platform also offers several advantages in terms of performance and cost savings. By utilizing an automated system, organizations can save personnel time and effort associated with manually verifying each professional?s licensing prior to hire. This also allows employers to free up valuable resources since their is no longer a need for manual tracking of employee licensure information.

The potential risks associated with verification shortfalls in the workforce are serious and include negligence claims against the organization. Having a comprehensive, reliable primary source verification platform can help mitigate this risk by providing an up-to-date overview of all certification and licensure across the entire team. Furthermore, obtaining information directly from the source rather than relying on reported licensure provides greater assurance that the data is accurate.

Certemy is leading the way in primary source verification as an automated solution that can validate professional licenses and certifications across an organizations entire workforce. Certemys platform offers comprehensive visibility, control, and compliance to alleviate the administrative burden of manual tracking and verification efforts. Real-time tracking of employee licensures provides increased confidence in workforce compliance and allows teams to stay ahead of any related regulatory requirements. Pre-built, customizable workflow capabilities also allow for streamlined licensing application processes, reducing paperwork and speeding up the process.

At the end of the day, primary source verification offers human resource teams a reliable means for efficiently verifying professional licenses. By streamlining the process of obtaining, reviewing, and storing these records, organizations can rest assured knowing that their personnel are properly and accurately licensed for their respective positions and practice.


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