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The process of acquiring and maintaining professional licenses is an essential part of many workforces. For many organizations, It is important to understand the steps needed to successfully verify licenses held by individuals across the country.

Certemy is a market leader in verifying professional licenses, with a leading automated primary source Verification system. The platform was initially created by major US employers to help save time, mitigate risk, and improve staff utilization. With Certemy, It is easy to track and manage licenses, credentials, and certifications with primary source verification. This ultimate guide will explore all the features and capabilities of Certemy.

What Are Professional Licenses?

Put simply, professional licenses authorize individuals to practice a particular occupation. This generally requires undergoing rigorous knowledge and skill-related tests, as well as ensuring the individual meets all the necessary educational and personal requirements.

For many professionals, failing to renew and verify their license can lead to hefty fines or imprisonment, and in some cases lead to their professional license being revoked. Organizations looking to ensure their employees? licenses are valid and up-to-date are unsurprisingly keen to make sure they have an accurate and efficient system in place for license verification.

What Is Primary Source Verification?

Verifying a license?s validity requires checking with the issuing board or authority to make sure it hasn?t expired, isn?t suspended, and is still valid for the profession. Primary source verification is a process of verifying the validity of a credential using the issuing body or agency as the source, as opposed to using a third-party guiding data.

Certemy offers a reliable and automated primary source verification system, that will enable employers to efficiently manage and track the status of their employees? credentials. This offers valuable insight into their workforce Compliance program, removing any guesswork or manual effort required for checking a professional license.

Manage and Track Licenses and Certifications with Primary Source Verification

With Certemy, employers are able to maximize compliance efficiency and visibility. The platform enables you to manage multiple licenses and credentials from a single pane of glass with real-time tracking.

The platform also offers complete flexibly. Employers can configure workflows to customize the application process for different types of licenses. Customizable notifications are also available, allowing employers to stay up-to-date on the progress of license applications.

Automatically Track and Manage Licenses with Primary Source Verification

Certemy also offers employers powerful features that can help increase operational efficiency. The platform?s automated license tracking and primary source verification system ensures employers are up-to-date on all licensing requirements and have complete visibility into their workforce compliance program.

The platform also automates all the paperwork associated with license applications, as well as managing and tracking the progress of the applications, to ensure that the process runs swiftly. This can significantly reduce the amount of time needed for the license application process, and ensure that businesses stay compliant at all times.

Verifying Professional Licenses with Certemy

Certemy is the ideal platform for any organization looking for a reliable and efficient way to verify professional licenses. With its automated primary source verification system, employers are able to quickly and easily track and manage employee licenses and credentials, freeing up time and resources to focus on more important tasks. The platform also provides employers with complete visibility and control of their workforce compliance program, allowing them to stay ahead of regulatory compliance.


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