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If you are responsible for ensuring that your organizations personnel remain compliant with the applicable licensure and certification requirements, you are likely faces with several challenges on a daily basis. You must ensure that all of your personnel have up-to-date licensure and certification credentials. You must also stay ahead of any regulatory changes, changes in certification requirements or statutes, and maintain the organizations legal standing.

Now, there is a better way to keep up with all of these tasks ? automating the license and certification Verification process using Certemys primary source verification process. Certemy brings automation and efficiency to the process, allowing you to stay ahead of the Compliance curve and ensure that your organization is deep in safe waters.

Why Automate Professional License Verification?

Automating the professional license and certification verifying process is smart for many reasons. First, it frees up valuable human resources for other tasks. When you have the power to manage the verification process with automation, you can delegate other tasks to your team to maintain the organizational processes.

Second, the automation process is more efficient than a manual process. It allows you to keep a closer eye on licensure and certification requirements, so you can remain ahead of the competition. Furthermore, the automation process provides real-time tracking capability for all of your organizations personnel.

Third, automating the verification process increases visibility across the entire organization. Being able to see who is certified and who needs to be re-certified will help you stay ahead of compliance issues.

Finally, by automating the process, you are providing rapid access to primary source verification. This means that you have the power to quickly and accurately verify the credentials of your personnel. This is especially helpful when it comes to verifying credentials for existing personnel who may be changing positions within the organization.

What Is the Primary Source Verification System?

Certemys primary source verification system is an automated system that quickly and accurately verifies the occupational licenses and certifications held by personnel within your organization. It is designed to quickly and accurately identify any credentials that have expired, changed, or become invalid.

When credentials are verified, the system will provide complete visibility and control for all verification processes. The system will also allow you to track and manage licenses and certifications for all personnel in one centralized system of record.

How Does the Primary Source Verification System Work?

Certemys primary source verification system is designed to quickly and accurately evaluate the credentials of personnel across your organization. The system will access the occupational licensing and certification databases maintained by the individual authorities of each state.

For each credential, the system will confirm the validity, check for any disciplinary actions, and validate any changes in requirements or renewals. This process is automated so that you can quickly and accurately identify any areas where personnel may be out of compliance.

Pre-Built Workflows for Automated Licensing Processes

Certemys system also allows you to leverage pre-built workflows that are fully configurable. This means that you can quickly automate the licensing processes for personnel within your organization. This will allow you to streamline the process of applying for, renewing, or changing licenses and certifications.

These processes are automated so that you can be certain that all of your personnel are in compliance with the applicable regulations. This will help improve your organizations compliance posture, as well as its operational efficiency.

Closing considerations

At Certemy, our mission is to make it easier for you to remain compliant with licensure and certification requirements. By leveraging automation and primary source verification processes, you can keep up with changes in the regulatory environment quickly and efficiently.

This will free up valuable human resources that can be used for other tasks. Moreover, it will provide you with greater visibility and control over the compliance process. Finally, it will enable you to streamline the process of applying for, renewing, or changing licenses and certifications.


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