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As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve and regulations become more complex, nurse practitioners must stay abreast of their professional licensing requirements. In particular, ensuring that current and valid credentials remain in good standing is essential for maintaining legal practice standards.

Tracking renewals and staying ahead of regulatory Compliance can be an overwhelming task. An automated primary source Verification system can be a powerful tool in simplifying the process of monitoring licenses and certifications across your employees. With such a system, It is possible to achieve complete visibility and control of your staff?s credentialing compliance and ultimately save time and improve staff utilization.

What is Primary Source Verification?

Primary source verification (PSV) is a process of confirming that a healthcare provider?s credentials are up to date and free of any disciplinary actions or sanctions. It is conducted through the registries and licensing boards of the nation?s most respected healthcare certification organizations. By conducting regular primary source verification checks, healthcare employers can confirm the validity of their nurse practitioners? licenses.

When Should Primary Source Verification be Conducted?

Primary source verification checks should be performed prior to hire and at regular intervals throughout an employees tenure with the organization. Most healthcare organizations perform primary source verification checks for all new hires as part of their standard onboarding process. Additionally, each healthcare organizationshould develop a system of regular checks throughout the year.

What are the Benefits of An Automated Licensing System?

Modern primary source verification systems offer a variety of benefits to healthcare employers, including:

? Automated Workflows: Automated systems make it easier to manage primary source verification tasks associated with onboarding new employees, renewing credentials, and maintaining compliance.

? Centralized Data: Automated systems provide a single view into a healthcare organizations employee credentialing data. This allows staff to easily access the most up-to-date information and quickly make changes when necessary.

? Automated Notifications: Automated systems can be set up to provide reminders for upcoming renewal dates, making sure that nurse practitioners always stay up to date on their credentials.

? Cost Savings: Automated systems save employers time and money by streamlining the primary source verification process and reducing the amount of manual effort required for the verifications.

Certemy – A Primary Source Verification System for Nurse Practitioners

Certemy is a leading provider of primary source verification services for Nurse Practitioners. The Certemysystem provides healthcare employers with the ability to automatically track, store, and manage license/certificate information and primary source verifications in a single, secure system.

With its automated workflows and notifications, combined with a centralized data platform, Certemy helps employers save time, reduce risk, and improve staff utilization. Nurses can easily onboard new employees, renew credentials, and stay up to date with their certifications.

As a result, the Certemysystem simplifies the process of keeping a healthcare organizations licenses and certifications in good standing, ensuring that nurses remain compliant with local, state, and federal regulations.


Primary source verification is a critical part of the nursing profession and helps ensure that nurse practitioners remain compliant with all regulatory standards. Automated primary source verification systems, such as Certemy, offer healthcare organizations a simple and efficient way to maintain their staffs? credentials and save time and money.


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