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Finding qualified personnel to hire and fill certain positions can be a challenging task. Companies must ensure that any potential hire holds legally valid certification or a professional license in order to perform the job competently. This is especially true in many industries, such as healthcare, and for occupations that involve highly specialized services, such as a Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS). With the demand for licensed professionals on the rise, proper professional license verification is essential to guarantee quality services.

In the United States, many labor laws require employers to verify the licence status of potential and existing employees. Failing to do so could lead to significant legal and financial penalties. While conducting such verification by hand is possible, it often takes employers too long to accomplish, and the results are rarely reliable. Fortunately, with a specialized license verification tool like Certemy, employers can now automate such a process and get an accurate report in a matter of seconds.

What is Professional License Verification?

Professional license verification is the concept of verifying the authenticity of a given certificate or license, for instance a license to provide healthcare services, to ensure that a potential or existing employee has the appropriate qualification to perform the job. The concept is the same for any type of occupational license.

In the United States, using a professional license verification tool like Certemy ensures employers can quickly and accurately ensure an employee is licensed and their license remains active. Professional license verification fulfills all the requirements for an employer to verify the legal status of an employees license in a matter of minutes.

How Does a Professional License Verification Tool Work?

A professional license verification tool such as Certemy automates the process of license verification and helps employers to easily verify the licensure status of any potential hire.

Certemy uses an automated primary source verification system to validate occupational licenses and certifications. This means that employers can now check and stay on top of the legal credentials of potential hires in just a few minutes.

Certemy can also be used to track and manage licenses and certifications with primary source verification. The platform gives employers a clear overview of their workforce compliance program, in addition to providing real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials. The platform also features a series of pre-built workflows that are fully configurable.

Benefits of Using a Professional License Verification Tool

Using a professional license verification tool such as Certemy has a number of benefits for businesses of all sizes. It can help employers to:

Save time by automating and streamlining the license verification process

Mitigate risk by quickly and accurately verifying license status

Improve staff utilization and team productivity by providing visibility and better control of compliance programs

Stay ahead of regulatory compliance with automated license tracking and primary source verification

The aforementioned features make Certemy an invaluable resource for any employer looking to ensure that the qualifications of the potential hire are up to date and properly verified.


Finding qualified personnel to fill positions in certain industries can be a challenging task. Professional license verification tools like Certemy can help employers to quickly and accurately verify the legal status of any potential hire and verify that they hold the appropriate credentials to perform the job.

Certemy offers a comprehensive range of features to help employers streamline the license verification process, save time, and stay ahead of regulatory compliance. By using a specialized license verification tool such as Certemy, employers can rest assured that the credentials of any potential hire are properly verified.


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